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This Happened ... over the weekend!

A recap of the weekend in pics!

A new pizza with Naan Bread as the crust, beet hummus as the sauce, all topped with spinach, tomatoes, and honey goat cheese.  And yes that is my SUPER messy desk (only one section) ... it still looks like that - until World Feast 2014 is over, I think it'll look just like this!  If you're in the Charlotte Area, come on over on the 18th of this month!

All of these great fall veggies, turned into this...

Butternut Squash, Acorn Squash, Apples, Carrots, Onions, Garlic ... YUM-O!

No one ever brings me flowers at work ... so I took matters into my own hands by picking my own after Mass.  So now happiness on my desk!

I even attended Mass in the Extraordinary Form on Saturday morning in Honor of Our Lady.  It was lovely - and really quite peaceful.  There was music, but I think I may have liked it even more without - just quiet morning time with the Lord.  And I could not get over how beautiful the incense was with the sun shining in!  A Happy Saturday Morning!

On Saturday for breakfast I made Italian Baked Eggs, they were delicious - but had to cook way longer than the recipe said (almost 20 minutes rather than 10) - but the yolk in the one got way too cooked, which is not my favorite.  But I think I'll make them again - mostly because it was SO easy - tomato sauce on bottom, then a whole egg, followed by S&P and Parmesan cheese!

A lovely photo from my mantle of Our Lady and her mantel!

I've had this frame painting for a while and had a terrible chalk board attached to it, but never wrote on it.  So I decided to take the excessive amount of corks I've collected and make a push pin board to add prayers for those in need.  (HINT: if you want to make something like this with corks - glue them to a piece of cardboard or another backing, not to each other.  You'll go crazy!)  So if you have any prayer requests pass them along and I'd love to pin them up for daily offerings!  Pretty happy to finally have them decoration up in my kitchen, the heart of a home!

Delicious Sunny Side Up Eggs on a bed of spinach!  Oh the week of new recipes!!!

I spent Sunday evening with our Confirmation III students talking about how we are Made for Mission.  We made a little connection that if we want to get to Heaven we've got to either be Angels, God, or Saints.  How do we become saints? Be Holy!  How to do we be holy? Fulfill our God Given Mission!  How to do we find out our mission? Pray!


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