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7 Quick Takes Friday, December 28th

- 1 -  Merry Christmas - Day 4!  I really love Christmas time.  Even the snow; although only like I've enjoyed it this week - staying inside!  It snowed like crazy on Wednesday (12 inches at least) and all I left the house for was dinner.  So today's quick takes are the things we do in the snow!
- 2 -  Nathan decided to venture out in his new coat (super warm apparently) on some cross-country skis he found in the basement.  3 miles in a little under 2 hours!

- 3 -  I decided to stay in and watch movies, Netflix & USA had some good stuff these past few days!  So, a before picture of snow - just a little bit...

and an after picture...

Poor Mary & Joseph - no room at the Inn and now they can't even see their baby 'cause he buried under the snow!
- 4 -  Dad spent the afternoon shoveling and although his pile is a little smaller than this, but you get the point!

There is a LOT of snow!

- 5 -  Mom loved her gift!  Here's the photo for your 'copying pleasure'...i…

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to All!

A few memories from the beginning of the week!

Midnight Mass last evening!  It was very eventful - first the book of the Gospels fell off the Altar then the Fire Alarm went off from the Incense!  A beautiful Mass!  I even got to see Deacon Bill, Fr. Eric, & Fr. Thomas More afterward - three fine men of the clergy!

A beautiful visit with my Great Aunt Hy last night as well.  Nate and I went to visit her and she was so awake, willing to talk, and interested in us!  It was a beautiful Christmas gift.  I will really miss this woman when the time comes.  She once told me that she was only going to be 97 years old, and in October she turned 96.

Now we're just waiting for these crazy kids so we can visit!

Merry Christmas!

7 Quick Takes Friday, December 21

- 1 -  After 3 full weeks at the new position, I've realized that I'm going to have a lot more free time on my hands after work.  Even all my friends work ministry like jobs so us getting together during the week isn't reality right now.  However, I'm looking forward to filling my time with new activities - even running (which I've done sadly very little of lately).  New Year, New Me - I've gotta get back on the wagon, as they say.
- 2 -  What I wrote last week...
Over the last 6 or 8 weeks I've been watching Bones.  I think I might be a tad bit addicted, but I really want to see what's going to happen!  I'm watching Season 6, Episode 20 right now!  Bones and Booth still haven't got together - he's ready & she's not, she's ready & he's dating someone, now they are both single & she thinks they'd only be good in bed but not in a relationship.  I realize that their love story (or lack there of) is fictional - yes, I k…

New Year, New Job, Same old Me

Lately my life has been a pretty big roller coaster ride.  This week alone has been 'booked' (literally) from 3pm on Sunday afternoon through Sunday evening when I arrive in Pennsylvania at my folks.  I'm excited to be going home for Christmas and seeing this crazy gang of folks.

Although, I'm even a little overwhelmed by the amount of work that still needs doing between now and then.  This includes packing (and laundry beforehand), cookie making (well, part 3 of 3 tonight), reading the book for book club on Friday, an Ornament & Cookie Exchange (which earlier cookies are for), and of course work and sleep (although too much work & not enough sleep).
I've been in the new position now for 13 days and feel like I am settling in quite nicely.  Most people have been extra-ordinarily accepting of me in this position - and those that weren't so much, I'm not taken aback and can manage.  I was speaking with someone on staff who was speaking with a parishio…

7 Quick Takes Friday, December 14th

- 1 -  Well, almost two full weeks in the new job.  And I've met with a new company for our HVAC unit, a cleaning company, an alarm company, decided on procedures for Purchase Orders & Vacation Slips, rigged up a way to make US measured candles stay straight in metric candle-holders, etc, etc, etc...  It's always an adventure, quite literally!  Last night it even bled into my sleeping life when the Church alarm went off at 2:23am.  If that culprit is a blog reader, take note - don't come to my Church in the middle of the night! I don't appreciate a mid-sleep phone call that leads to some panic!  Other than that, it's really been a great move for me.  MG said tonight that this is right up my alley - and I'm inclined to believe.
- 2 -  Over the last 6 or 8 weeks I've been watching Bones.  I think I might be a tad bit addicted, but I really want to see what's going to happen!  I'm watching Season 6, Episode 20 right now!  Bones and Booth still haven…

7 Quick Takes Friday, December 7th

- 1 -  Well I typed my entire quick takes on my iPhone (the 7th being how much I love my phone), then I attached some pictures and the entire thing disappeared.  So I'm sorry, but you are going to get the quick version of an already quick here it goes!
- 2 -  I saw the stupidest thing today (well heard on the radio first then got an email from them to entice me to purchase).  Starbucks is offering a Stainless Steel gift card loaded with $400 that only costs $450.  REALLY, a gift card that costs $50!  What a waste of money!  Whenever I get a Starbucks gift card, I immediately register the card online, load it onto my key-bob card and either use that (which is attached to my keys like my Harris Teeter card) or the app on my phone.  This card is a ridiculous purchase - and I predict one of two things is going to happen.  First - people will purchase it because it's a limited edition and they thing they are getting an amazing offer that no one else has. OR Second - no one…

7 Quick Takes Friday, November 30th

1. I've been a traveling gal these past two weeks. Last week we were in Savannah and this week I'm in Orlando for NCCYM. Glad to be here!

2. We are staying at our diocesan directors condo here in Orlando to save some $$ on a hotel. When we got here we didn't know which building in the complex it was so we called him to ask what building. He tells us G6, but I thought that he said 7 so we called again to confirm. Then he said again it was 6 so we walked up the stairs and used the key in the door and went in ( like what regular people do ) and there was some noise in the back bedroom and a man was there! We went into the WRONG condo!!! He'll never live down our walking into the wrong mans apartment!

3. In Savannah MG and I had an excellent time! Pics to follow in a post next week. A lovely vacation.

4. These past two weeks I've been on vacation from work and it has been excellent! Been visiting friends, hanging out at home, and eating out for nice lunches.

5. Goi…

7 Quick 'Thanks' Friday, November 23

I did not get on the every day of Thanksgiving/Gratefulness bandwagon that happened earlier this month. It was too much of a commitment for me, if I'm being honest.  So, here are my 7 Quick Takes Friday - Turkey (Thanksgiving) Edition!

- 1 -  Family & Friends - I put this as one take not because it's not important, but because I want to have more room later!  I've got some great parents, siblings, and friends here in Charlotte and around the States (NY, CO, TX, PA, OH, & more).  Thanks for letting me be your sister, daughter, niece, cousin, friend, etc...  You make my life better!
- 2 -  My Home - I love where I live, the environment my roommate & I have (there have been some rough times with previous roommates), how close I am to work, and even more...that I can't think of right now.
- 3 -  An Excellent Job - The job I have right now, Middle & High School Youth Minister, and the one I will begin when I go back to work, Office Manager.  I love working for …

Thoughts from A Color Run Volunteer

Well, we did it!  It's over and I'm back to my regular color.  All it took was some scrubbing in the shower and a big load of laundry!

So, how was it?  Well, we began looking like this:

and ended looking like this:

Yes - VERY pink!!!  It was awesome!

Now, the thoughts (play-by-play) of the day:

We began at 7am (actually an hour later than first expected).  When we arrived a few minutes early we went over to the Volunteer Registration tent (even though we were told to go to the color station first) and they were super disorganized.  Although they had a lot of volunteers, the check-in process was not amazing.  It's a place for some definite improvement on their part!  However, it was the first time in Charlotte and the only expectations were from the volunteer coordinators who hadn't experienced the run yet, so understandable.

We got to our PINK station - the first color station, where we were assigned and found out it was BLUE!  We were given instructions (only dip into…

7 Quick Takes Friday, November 16th

- 1 -  Well, my first item is my new quick takes template - I was trying to create my only way in this world.  Not a super exciting take, but I'm happy to make my way in this little blog world.  I'll be adapting it over the course of the next few weeks to understand the HTML a little more.
- 2 -  Today I did a 5K - on the bike at the gym!  I'm not sure this was actually 3 miles - in 12 minutes?  Am I actually that good?  Let's be real, probably not!

- 3 -  Operation Christmas Child occupied most of our time at youth group on Sunday evening after the big announcement.  We collected stuff, compiled boxes, and then dropped off 100 shoe boxes at the local place.  So glad this project went well, just about 2 weeks ago I had enough items for about 5 boxes - and then we also donated a HUGE box of extra toys, hygiene products, socks, and more in addition to the boxes.  So grateful for the donations from our parish - they kept coming and coming and coming!

- 4 -  I have been clean…

The Concern With Marriage

As a single young Catholic, my friends I discuss marriage a lot - what do we want from our future marriages (or current marriages for those of my friends who are married), how can we prepare for marriage, what kind of man (or woman, but I don't discuss this a lot with my male friends) do we want to marry, are there things we need to change about ourselves before we get married, do we want to get married, what would we do with ourselves if we don't ever get married (single forever, UGH, religious life, eek, ...)

One of the biggest problems with the idea of marriage in our culture is that young people see all of these couples who seem happy but later on are getting divorced - 3 years in, the 7 year itch, or the bigger shocker - after 20 or 30 years of marriage getting divorced.

Side note for a second: if you think that your marriage should look the same at 55 after kids, grand-kids  25 years of marriage (probably 30 years of knowing each other), aging, etc... then you are CRAZY…

The Big Job Change...explained

Yes, it is true.  I'm leaving Youth Ministry (as a paid job at my parish).  Yes, you read that correctly, the rumor is true, and here's the reason...

Over the last 6 weeks our parish staff has been looking at our organizational chart trying to figure out how we can become more efficient, provide more for our parish, and basically direct the staff and in turn ministries.  After much prayer, my pastor discerned that I would be his number one choice for this position because of skills and gifts he's seen in me.  I took it to prayer, my mother, my spiritual director, and trusted friends to get their opinions about my skills, the ministry that I already do, etc...

I decided I would take it!

6 weeks ago I would never imagine myself moving from one aspect of Church ministry - the youth - to basically helping to direct the entire parish.  Yeah - unbelievable, directing the goings and comings of the entire parish!  As Father put it last night, the hub in the center of a wagon whee…

YM How To: Plan a Dinner Theater

Our big fundraiser is this coming weekend.  Our Fall Dinner Theater!

How does one plan a dinner theater - well, first time around, off the cuff!

Last year some great things happened, a few awesome skits which I'm going to upload to my youtube channel.

Check out our skits from this year!  My YouTube Channel

My Favorite!!!

One of the good segments was our News Session - here's the prezi (the video will be uploaded later on)!  Here are the written words that go along for anyone who's trying to replicate!

Teen News Session on Prezi

7 Quick Takes Friday - November 9th

--- 1 ---
I've been watching less tv lately and it's been awesome for my life at home on weekends and evenings! I thought it would be hard to give up tv but its actually been really great!.

--- 2 ---
December 3rd is the beginning of Advent, the new Church year, and my new life! Can't wait until I can share!

--- 3 ---
I rearranged my living room on Sunday and it looks awesome! I'm sitting in it right now!

--- 4 ---
I also learned how and actually executed the making of crepes on Monday night! Check it out! Some serious delicious stuffing too: chicken, spinach, and mushrooms.

--- 5 ---
My teens gave me this really beautiful tribute at the end of our dinner theater on Saturday night. And some awesome flowers!  There's even a video of it, so I can cry any time I want!

--- 6 ---
I have a small obsession with Instagram. It improves my picture taking skills one hundred fifty percent!  As you can see from this photo grouping today!

--- 7 ---

I cleaned my office out the other day…

7 Quick Takes Friday - November 2nd

--- 1 ---
Well, I did it!  Run at 5K that is ... it was an awesome experience.  42 minutes of pure running terribleness followed by days of pure excitement!!!  Check out the experience here!

--- 2 ---
An awesome quote from today's Direction for Our Times.
if you try to please Me in even the smallest way, you will change the world. -Jesus--- 3 ---
This weekend's our Fall Dinner Theater - a big fundraising production we put on each year where the teens perform a bunch of skits ... this year a few are as follows:

and this great one!

I'll post some funny videos here next week for your enjoyment!

--- 4 ---
I've been discerning all week about taking a new position in my parish - it is the scariest thing I've had to do in my entire adult life, wait, I take that back - my entire life.  It's so unpredictable, unexpected, extra-ordinary (ie: out of the ordinary)!  It might even be the hardest thing I ever do - if the deciding doesn't kill me, the actual work just might.  Pr…