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7 Quick Takes Friday ... October 17th

On Wednesday, Kendra posted this picture on Facebook:

I thought it was an excellent source for inspiration as I prepare for the festival that is tomorrow at my parish.  There's so much to be done and so many people involved.  I have been having the hardest time keeping it together, being kind and charitable toward others, and making sure that I get the things done that I have to get done.  It's been touch and go, but on Wednesday I was able to actually remember this in those hard moments to prevent me from screaming aloud in my office all day long.

What would I have screamed?  Well, "The Ship is Sinking" would have been the first words out of my lips!

It wouldn't be the first and honestly it probably won't be the last!

A couple of weeks ago the Fathers stopped over my house for a blessing - but the other day as I was coming in to the house during the rain was the first time I noticed the inscription on the door.  It brightened my day!

The other night I went searching in the Hall after Mass for the source of the lights and open doors and was given this great surprise from our Vietnamese community.  Sometimes Church work pays in Heavenly riches, sometimes in food!

Speaking of which, tomorrow is our big Parish Festival with food from these great countries: Austria, Colombia, Germany, Cameroon, Togo, Trinidad & Tobago, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Poland, The Philippines, India, Italy, United States, Ecuador, Eritrea, Peru, Puerto Rico, Liberia, and maybe one more I'm forgetting!  It's going to be absolutely delicious!!!

Sister Edeva and I have been taking weekly afternoon coffee breaks at our local Starbucks!  It's been one of the highlights of my week!  Now we're planning to take a trip to The Philippines the summer of 2016 ... how am I actually going to be able to afford that!  I wish I was playing the lottery more!

Speaking of wishes - and not sure I should actually admit this, but I've been binge watching Sabrina, The Teenage Witch on Hulu.  I've been loving the mindless tv.  Just finishing up - and am glad to see Sabrina through high school, college, and even the beginning of marriage!

Have a great weekend!  And if you're a Charlotte local, check out STA tomorrow!

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