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7 Quick Takes Friday, December 28th

- 1 -  Merry Christmas - Day 4!  I really love Christmas time.  Even the snow; although only like I've enjoyed it this week - staying inside!  It snowed like crazy on Wednesday (12 inches at least) and all I left the house for was dinner.  So today's quick takes are the things we do in the snow!
- 2 -  Nathan decided to venture out in his new coat (super warm apparently) on some cross-country skis he found in the basement.  3 miles in a little under 2 hours!

- 3 -  I decided to stay in and watch movies, Netflix & USA had some good stuff these past few days!  So, a before picture of snow - just a little bit...

and an after picture...

Poor Mary & Joseph - no room at the Inn and now they can't even see their baby 'cause he buried under the snow!
- 4 -  Dad spent the afternoon shoveling and although his pile is a little smaller than this, but you get the point!

There is a LOT of snow!

- 5 -  Mom loved her gift!  Here's the photo for your 'copying pleasure'...i…

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to All!

A few memories from the beginning of the week!

Midnight Mass last evening!  It was very eventful - first the book of the Gospels fell off the Altar then the Fire Alarm went off from the Incense!  A beautiful Mass!  I even got to see Deacon Bill, Fr. Eric, & Fr. Thomas More afterward - three fine men of the clergy!

A beautiful visit with my Great Aunt Hy last night as well.  Nate and I went to visit her and she was so awake, willing to talk, and interested in us!  It was a beautiful Christmas gift.  I will really miss this woman when the time comes.  She once told me that she was only going to be 97 years old, and in October she turned 96.

Now we're just waiting for these crazy kids so we can visit!

Merry Christmas!

7 Quick Takes Friday, December 21

- 1 -  After 3 full weeks at the new position, I've realized that I'm going to have a lot more free time on my hands after work.  Even all my friends work ministry like jobs so us getting together during the week isn't reality right now.  However, I'm looking forward to filling my time with new activities - even running (which I've done sadly very little of lately).  New Year, New Me - I've gotta get back on the wagon, as they say.
- 2 -  What I wrote last week...
Over the last 6 or 8 weeks I've been watching Bones.  I think I might be a tad bit addicted, but I really want to see what's going to happen!  I'm watching Season 6, Episode 20 right now!  Bones and Booth still haven't got together - he's ready & she's not, she's ready & he's dating someone, now they are both single & she thinks they'd only be good in bed but not in a relationship.  I realize that their love story (or lack there of) is fictional - yes, I k…

New Year, New Job, Same old Me

Lately my life has been a pretty big roller coaster ride.  This week alone has been 'booked' (literally) from 3pm on Sunday afternoon through Sunday evening when I arrive in Pennsylvania at my folks.  I'm excited to be going home for Christmas and seeing this crazy gang of folks.

Although, I'm even a little overwhelmed by the amount of work that still needs doing between now and then.  This includes packing (and laundry beforehand), cookie making (well, part 3 of 3 tonight), reading the book for book club on Friday, an Ornament & Cookie Exchange (which earlier cookies are for), and of course work and sleep (although too much work & not enough sleep).
I've been in the new position now for 13 days and feel like I am settling in quite nicely.  Most people have been extra-ordinarily accepting of me in this position - and those that weren't so much, I'm not taken aback and can manage.  I was speaking with someone on staff who was speaking with a parishio…

7 Quick Takes Friday, December 14th

- 1 -  Well, almost two full weeks in the new job.  And I've met with a new company for our HVAC unit, a cleaning company, an alarm company, decided on procedures for Purchase Orders & Vacation Slips, rigged up a way to make US measured candles stay straight in metric candle-holders, etc, etc, etc...  It's always an adventure, quite literally!  Last night it even bled into my sleeping life when the Church alarm went off at 2:23am.  If that culprit is a blog reader, take note - don't come to my Church in the middle of the night! I don't appreciate a mid-sleep phone call that leads to some panic!  Other than that, it's really been a great move for me.  MG said tonight that this is right up my alley - and I'm inclined to believe.
- 2 -  Over the last 6 or 8 weeks I've been watching Bones.  I think I might be a tad bit addicted, but I really want to see what's going to happen!  I'm watching Season 6, Episode 20 right now!  Bones and Booth still haven…

7 Quick Takes Friday, December 7th

- 1 -  Well I typed my entire quick takes on my iPhone (the 7th being how much I love my phone), then I attached some pictures and the entire thing disappeared.  So I'm sorry, but you are going to get the quick version of an already quick here it goes!
- 2 -  I saw the stupidest thing today (well heard on the radio first then got an email from them to entice me to purchase).  Starbucks is offering a Stainless Steel gift card loaded with $400 that only costs $450.  REALLY, a gift card that costs $50!  What a waste of money!  Whenever I get a Starbucks gift card, I immediately register the card online, load it onto my key-bob card and either use that (which is attached to my keys like my Harris Teeter card) or the app on my phone.  This card is a ridiculous purchase - and I predict one of two things is going to happen.  First - people will purchase it because it's a limited edition and they thing they are getting an amazing offer that no one else has. OR Second - no one…