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An Awesome Stay-Cation!

Well, since I didn't have time to take off for the entire weekend for a vacation with my friend MG, we had a 'stay-cation' here in town.  It was great, super relaxing and very delicious!

Friday Night: a moment of work for me, Maggie Moo's and The Last Word (awesome used book store that I need to frequent more), and a movie - Reality of Love.

Saturday: Multi-Cultural Festival during the Day, and Movie (What to Expect) and Dinner (Bone Fish Grill) ... movie was great - yes, predictable, but they portrayed the men in such an awesome light!  Dinner was DELICIOUS - bang, bang shrimp for an app and curry shrimp for dinner - YUM, YUM!

Sunday: Pool (oh, so relaxing), Youth Mass (me+2youth), Chipotle for dinner (YUM), and the Knights Baseball Game (with a YM family who had extra tickets), dessert at Amelie's - LOVELY, then MG stayed over ... for ...

Monday: Pool (again relaxing), reading, sunburning, and more reading - dinner at Bento, movie (The Descendents) - so good!


Live the Questionsl

‎"Be patient toward all that is unresolved in your heart. And try to love the questions themselves. Do not seek the answers that cannot be given to you because you would not be able to live them. And the point is to live everything. Live the questions now.   Perhaps you will then gradually, without noticing it, live along some distant day into the answer." ~Rainer Maria Rilke

Live the questions. What are the questions?
-What's in store for my life?
-Where is my life going?
-Will I ever get married and have kids?
-When will I ever have enough patience to pass as someone virtuous?

How can I live my life and not be consumed by them?  Being consumed by what I will become, what I will do, etc...  Today I felt like I grew a tad bit in virtue.  There were so many times when I wanted to speak my mine with a sarcastic comment or an even worse eye roll...but I didn't.  Now, I'm not going to get ahead of myself here and get all proud of my patience and humility.  It's n…

Who's Your Biggest Cross? Is it you?

“Must you continue to be your own cross?” St. Jeanne de Chantal

The saints always have the most thought provoking wisdom.  So, Jeanne, let us consider - 'am I my own cross.'   Do I make things more difficult for myself by getting in my own way.  I remember that old story about the woman who thought her cross was too heavy and kept asking the Lord to give her a different cross.  So, He lead her into a room full of a million crosses.  He tells her to choose whichever she would prefer.  She looks around and sees all of these very heavy crosses.  She becomes more and more distressed the more she goes through the many rooms and sees bigger and bigger crosses.  Then, all of a sudden she comes across these perfectly sized one, picks it up, and tells the Lord, "yes, this is the one I'll take - it's definitely the perfect size for me, manageable to carry, and just the right size.'  And the Lord says to her, 'my daughter, that is the cross you entered with.'

Am …

Be authentic & joyful!

"From silly devotions and sour-faced saints, good Lord, deliver us!" -St. Teresa of Avila
Tomorrow, these words are going to be my mantra!  
If I really want to be a saint, then the sour-face (no matter the circumstances) at all!

7 Quick Takes - May 25th

--- 1 ---
You know how some people just set you off - help your to realize your sinfulness more than anyone else?  Well, I know this woman who just irritates me.  Tonight I was setting up for our big Multi-Cultural Festival tomorrow and it was a terrible time.  Our country coordinator told us to be there at 7pm, BUT we were actually supposed to be entirely COMPLETED in our set-up by 7pm.  UM...why?  Then, she said to come at 10am tomorrow, BUT when she asked me what time I was going to show up and I said 10, she basically said we could NEVER be ready if we came then.  WHAT? I got that time when you told it to me.  SO, after the set-up was done, MG and I went to have ice cream to calm myself.

--- 2 ---

“The ‘law of moral gravity’ = it is easier to be bad than it is to be good”

--- 3 ---
Amen - it is easier to be bad than good, but it's not better to be bad than good!

--- 4 ---

“The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he doesn’t exist.” Charles Baudelaire, Frenc…

7 Quick Takes - May 11th

--- 1 ---
Summer is coming ... quickly!  And honestly, I cannot wait - well, actually, I'm most excited for the end of July!  That's when I have a weekend free - BUT WAIT, no ... then I have a lock-in, a weekend off, another lock-in, and then a week before school begins again.  What happened here?  How did my schedule get SO jammed packed?

--- 2 ---
Experiencing Charlotte ... for the first time!  I had a visitor two weeks ago and had no idea where to go around town, so I summoned my girls and we're going to start exploring.  The first adventure was to Cabo Fish Taco in NoDa.

It was DELICIOUS!  We had to wait about 50 minutes for a table on Saturday night since they don't take reservations.  But once we got in there, the service was amazing and the food was even better!  I had the Tavaroo Tuna Tacos and the wasabi sauce created an awesome fire in your mouth while eating the tuna!  Delicious!  I will definitely return - and under $20 for dinner, an 'El Cheapo' marga…

1st Pinterest Post to become a Reality!

When I first went on Pinterest, this was one of my first pins.  I love the idea of wearing a flower in my hair so...I decided to give it a shot today.

It was pretty easy and I could make about 10 from the 75 cents of fabric I purchased from Hobby Lobby - almost used a 40% off coupon, but figured since it was only $.75 to begin with - I could splurge!
Now just to figure out how to attach it to the hair glue wasn't working, it just slid off.  Now trying super glue!
Make your own here:  Simple Vintage Girl - Fabric Flower Tutorial

7 Quick Takes - May 4th

And May begins!
--- 1 ---
Fitness: Finally a great week at the gym - cardio, weights, and abs 3 full days ... maybe finally on track to start loosing again!

--- 2 ---
Work: Last weekend we were away at our annual Diocesan Youth Conference.  Even thought we had just a few kids attend, it was a great time to connect with teens and work on relational ministry.

--- 3 ---
Prayer: Trying to connect with the Lord more, but struggling with distractions all the time.  Need some quiet time today - I am resolved to take at least 1 hour in quiet at Adoration today!

--- 4 ---
Personal: Ashelyn (the girl I drive to school in the AM) asks me the other day (after seeing my bridesmaid's dress in the car last week) if I'm on or  Goodness Gracious!  She said she always asked her mom that when she was single!

--- 5 ---
Friends: Since Aaron (my HS Youth Minister) was here to visit last week and I had no idea where to take him, I was inspired to explore our city more.  So the ladies…

It's All Relative

Straight from the best dictionary writer - Merriam-Webster: my opinion, the biggest threat to our culture.  The concept of "I'm okay, you're okay."  Stating that whatever you're opinion is, that's okay.   Believe whatever you want and that's okay.
This is how we've gotten into such confusion regarding the issues of artificial contraception, same-sex marriage, abortion, and many more.  Even the existence of God.  Now I'm not going to address the issues here.
I think that the bigger problem here is relativism.  No concept of absolute truth.  No one's right, no one's wrong - we're all just entitled to our own opinions.
But, are we?  Can we just make up our own truth?
I was talking about this issue with a few teens earlier tonight.  Using an example with poison.  If you drink poison, it will kill you - whether you know it's poison or not; whether you choose to believe it's poison or not - it will still kill you.

Great Workout Today

What a great workout today!  Treadmill with some running intervals, triceps rotation, and Fab Abs - such a great time.

EXCEPT - when I was doing my push-ups & dips, there were these two women doing some ab work and the one is probably in her mid-to-late forties, the other was 21.  The 21 yr old was complaining about her 120 lb (MAYBE that heavy) body that just wasn't as toned as she would prefer ... since she doesn't go to the gym except maybe 1 time a week (if even that often).

Now Planet Fitness is supposedly 'judgement free' ... whatever that means.  But this girl was ridiculous!  She was complaining about her extra inch on her belly and then proceeded to ask me if I had children.  I said, no, and she was like 'well, I was gonna say you'd have an excuse.'  Well, what'd that mean?  How absurd!  so, I just 'crunched' on and ignore this crazy women.
We'll try again tomorrow for a better attitude among the young crazy girls.  Also, on th…