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Happy Feet (& August begins...)

In just 3 short hours!  Unbelievable that August 1st is right now and I can hardly believe it!

Although time may seem to fly by - I did just watch Happy Feet for the first time.  I know what you're thinking, "Welcome to 2012 Katie - Happy Feet's been out on DVD now for just a little under six years.  You been living under a rock?"  WELL, I haven't been, but I am glad I watched - pretty much just in time for the second one to come out, although I probably have about 6 years until I'm due to watch it!  HA HA!

Another movie I want to watch (that I haven't seen) is:

I'm not even sure what this movie is actually about...although it's been out for 2 years, so maybe 2016 would be a good time for me to watch it!  But seriously, hopefully this Friday night will be a good time for MG and I to watch.  Not on Netflix and not in might need to rent it on amazon instant.

Finally, after a grueling day with the Missionaries of Charity, 120 little kids…

Wisdom for Today

Will-power. Energy. Example. What has to be done, is done... without hesitation, without more worrying. Otherwise, Teresa of Avila would not have been Saint Teresa: nor IƱigo of Loyola, Saint Ignatius. God and daring! 'We want Christ to reign!' - St Jose Maria Escriva

7 Quick Takes Friday - July 27th

--- 1 ---
Went to Sam's Club this afternoon.  Didn't realize the Idiot Convention was in town - not to be rude, but it was full of the most ridiculous people in the area!  People were driving crazy in the parking lot, parking on the side walk to 'run in quick to get something', etc... WHO, can run into Sam's and just get something real quick?  Get in a parking place for Pete Sake!  Glad it was a short trip (just 10-15 minutes)!

--- 2 ---
Made a steamed artichoke for the first time last night!  It was good, but not as good as I remember it being the last time I had them at the Antonacci's (YEARS ago!).

--- 3 ---
The gals and I went to BLT Steak last Saturday night - OH MY WAS IT DELICIOUS!!!  Amazing!  Wish I could go back and eat there again - sadly the check book doesn't allow for that!

--- 4 ---

--- 5 ---
Tonight's our Holy Hour in Thanksgiving for Fr. Remo and to pray for the new pastor of our parish.  I hope that people join us in prayer and don't g…

Made My Day SO Much Better!

my favorite thing about today?  seeing this video!

The Goodbye is Near

So things are changing - apparently sudden and drastic at my parish in the next few days and weeks.  We are in the process of saying goodbye to the Capuchin Friars and hello to two new Diocesan Priests.  It should be an interesting transition to say the least.

Yesterday was my last 'monthly meeting' with Fr. Remo where we didn't really discuss anything worth anything work related.  I know that things will be fine eventually in our new environment, but as of today, I'm having some trouble accepting all of the change that is one its way.

Our Masses will sound and look very different - I'm only hoping that I can continue to have our Youth Ministry program be consistent.  I need to step up my game and have many opportunities for the teens to experience God's presence and grow in relationship with Christ.  This can start Friday night - we are having a Holy Hour to pray for our new priests, Fr. Remo and his new parish, and the direction of our parish in the future.…

The Hardest Thing

This week I began my 5K training.  Yesterday was rough after being gone for a week and not eating right the whole time I was away at camp.  I couldn't finish the entire 50 minutes, but did make it almost the entire time.  Today I completed the whole workout: 5min warm up, 40min intervals (1min run, 1 1/2min walk), and a 5min cool down.  Feeling pretty good.  Think Wednesday (tomorrow) will be an off day and then Thursday, Friday, & Saturday to complete the first 5 day week!

While at the gym this morning my treadmill friend and I got to talking about her kids and them growing up.  How she prays for their future spouses as well as 'My Katie's future spouse' each day!  I'm super grateful for her prayers, but every time someone says that I'll definitely get married or that I'll be such a great mom some day or that I just need to be patient (well, we know I have trouble with that) - all I really want is to SCREAM at the top of my lungs.  Not mean words, not…

7 Quick Takes Friday - July 20th

--- 1 --- Okay, so I'm a few days late on my quick takes - hope y'all will cut me some slack as I was away with 9 crazy teens and 1 crazy male chaperon in Pittsburgh at Catholic Heart Work Camp for the week!  We had an amazing time, but there were definitely some great lessons to be learned!  Here we go...

--- 2 --- First, having air conditioning is an extra-ordinary luxury that I should not take advantage of in my 'regular' life.  We stayed at Carrick High School, which like the rest of the schools in the city of Pittsburgh are A/C free.  For two major reasons - it's only really hot a little in May and September during the school year (they had snow the first week of May this year, people - more need for heat) and they are over $40 million in little money for luxuries, more money for necessities!

--- 3 --- Second, when traveling with a bunch of teens, think twice before letting them write on the inside of your car windows.  If you do let them write, bring …

7 Quick Takes Friday - July 13th

A week of real growth in virtue.  Maybe I'll be able to articulate a few of those items here in my quick review!
--- 1 ---
VBS is over in about 3 hours!!!  So excited to have these little ones grow closer to Jesus and then be far away from me for a while!

--- 2 ---
It's been difficult dealing with the crazy chaos of VBS this week, trying my patience many times, but I feel like I've been able to resign myself to only try to take control of what I could - the games station.  Everything else is out of my hands!

--- 3 ---
Work Camp - we're leaving at 5:30am on Sunday!  I can't believe it's first big trip with this youth group!  I pray for a quick, safe drive; growth in the faith of our teens; and growth in our group!

--- 4 ---
I worked out 5 days this week!!!  3 on the treadmill, 1 4 mile walk with Meredith last night, and rounded out with a journey on the Arc Trainer this morning!  Feeling good, even if I haven't gotten any smaller!

--- 5 ---
Tonight I&#…

The Only Real Way to Get Through Ministry!

We may never see the end results, but that is the difference between the master builder and the worker. We are workers, not the Master Builder; ministers, not messiahs. We are prophets of a future not our own.

- Archbishop Oscar Romero

There are so many stupid things that happen to you when you're a youth minister.  In my experience most of them are perceived perceptions that others have of you.  This is definitely the most significant way to get to my head.  Thinking that no one likes you and that's the reason why they aren't coming to your programming.

Then when you actually get somewhere with the programming, with the events, with the attendance the teens do something to make you doubt everything you've ever thought, ever done, ever even considered a success in youth ministry.  The devil brings out something just to show you that you are not all you think you are - you are not enough, not getting anywhere.

THEN, I remember these words: "We are in the seed plan…

Vacation Bible it really a Vacation?

Welcome to VBS!

The absolutely most exhausting week of the summer.  A lot of little ones (which isn't really bad, we had them all for Totus Tuus as well) coupled with even more chaos and an unorganized group of adults running it.  I've been at other parishes and it's been a little more organized, but there always seems to be at least one thing they didn't think of.  Maybe that's just what you get when you've 100 little kids (or 400 like the other parish) running around expecting to have an entire week of the most fun ever!
The youth are in charge of the games at our VBS, and have been for years.  So I had them sign up, but didn't expect to have twice as many show up.  Now we've got 11 teens to do the work of probably 4 people.  This doesn't get more work done, it gets less!
So the craziness ends tomorrow after going to Mass with all the rowdy kids at a VBS picnic.  THEN, actual vacation starts!
A week-long Mission Trip seems to be more exciting and …

7 Quick Takes Friday - July 6th

--- 1 ---
Happy Birthday to my favorite goddaughter - Stacy!  Today is her 12th Birthday!!!  I can hardly believe she's already 12 or even that I am old enough to have a 12 year old niece...and she's the youngest!  The oldest is 16...I actually have a 16 year old niece!  WOW!

--- 2 ---
Pretty excited to announce my good friend Meredith is starting on this blog adventure the same time as I am. She's writing over at For the Love of Food about food, life, and fitness.  Excited to see what she comes up with in the next few months!

--- 3 ---
I was doing my laundry earlier this week and couldn't believe when THIS is what came out of the dryer!

I LOVE my pink, flashy watch ... and now it's in 5 pieces and no longer tells me the time - it's main function!

--- 4 ---
Xavier's birthday was on Wednesday!  Happy Birthday to one of my favorite little men!  He's 7, what a perfectly holy age!

--- 5 ---
Last Week was Totus Tuus at our parish.  The 4 missionaries provided an…

Wisdom for the Day

Thanks to Courtney over at Women Living Well for this beautiful reminder.

Today's Pinterest Adventure!

Making this for a BBQ I'm attending this afternoon ... with a few modifications, no cucumbers or feta (might pick up some goat cheese).  Also, blanched the corn instead of grilling due to the limitations of my electric stove/oven.
Thanks to Lisa over at Authentic Suburban Gourmet for the original recipe!  Mine with modifications below:
Avocado and Grilled Corn Salad with Cilantro Vinaigrette 5 Ears Corn, husk removed, remove corn with sharp knife (blanch in boiling water, then put in ice bath) 2 Avocado’s, diced and sprinkled with lemon juice to prevent browning 2 C. Tomatoes, red and yellow cherry variety or equivalent 8 green onions diced Goat Cheese Mix into a large bowl and put aside until ready to serve. Cilantro Vinaigrette 6 T. Olive oil 2 T. Rice Wine vinegar 1 t. Garlic powder 2 T. Fresh cilantro, minced ½ t. Salt 10 Grinds of fresh ground pepper Add all of the above ingredients in a small glass jar with a lid. Shake really well. Taste and adjust seasoning and ratios of oi…

FREEDOM ... a running commentary

John Paul II:  “Freedom consists not in doing what we like, but in having the right to do what we ought.”

Mustard Seeds: Independence is an illusion for it denies our total dependence on God. 

Galatians 5: 1, 13-15 : For freedom Christ set us free; so stand firm and do not submit again to the yoke of slavery. ... For you were called for freedom, brothers.j But do not use this freedom as an opportunity for the flesh; rather, serve one another through love.  For the whole law is fulfilled in one statement, namely, “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.”  But if you go on biting and devouring one another, beware that you are not consumed by one another.

Romans 7:15-20:  What I do, I do not understand. For I do not do what I want, but I do what I hate.  Now if I do what I do not want, I concur that the law is good.  So now it is no longer I who do it, but sin that dwells in me.  For I know that good does not dwell in me, that is, in my flesh. The willing is ready at hand, but doing the g…

While I Wait

Last night I was watching Fireproofwith my roommate and was again convicted by this song.

I'm waiting
I'm waiting on You, Lord And I am hopeful I'm waiting on You, Lord Though it is painful But patiently, I will wait

As you can probably tell from the title of my blog that I always feel like I'm waiting.  Waiting for the perfect job (which I actually have now as a middle and high school youth minister).  Waiting for the perfect roommate (I always seem to find one, but she either gets a job somewhere out of charlotte or gets married-mer, that's you!).  Waiting for a husband.  Waiting to be a mom.  Waiting to be virtuous.

I will move ahead, bold and confident Takeing every step in obedience While I'm waiting I will serve You While I'm waiting I will worship While I'm waiting I will not faint I'll be running the race Even while I wait
Even though I'm waiting for your plan for me, waiting for what you want me to do with my life, waiting for the future t…

It's a Love Song Link-Up!

Thanks to Grace over at Camp Patton for the link-up!

Lately, my favorite love song!

JJ Heller is pretty amazing!  Check her out here:

A great first dance

Also, the plan for the last dance at my wedding

Go see Hallie over at Betty Beguiles for more love song links!

Dinner with the Girls!

Every time I go Uptown, I end of traveling around in at least 5 circles. I sort of understand where I am and where I'm trying to go, but not fully.

For instance tonight I drove past the parking garage I was looking for at least 3 times because I though it was on the same block as the restaurant. It wasn't.

I think I might actually be parked where I first intended but honestly, I'm on Level 7 and came down an unmarked elevator and into an unmarked hall.  If I would have been attacked I'd have no idea where to have them search for the crime scene. Honestly I'm not even sure I'll be able to find my way back to my car!

I probably could have done valet but I don't want to tip someone to do what I can do on my own...but honestly I'm not sure I can even do this parking thing on my own.

Uptown, you drive me crazy with your one way streets, strange no left/no right turn rules, and overall elite attitude you exude.  However, I will continue to come (infrequently…

Back to Business as Usual

"We're back in the saddle again..."

Went back to the gym this morning - PRAISE GOD!  It felt so good to be back on the treadmill and the ab machines.  It's been 28 days since I was last there - just enough time to break a habit, so today, we begin again.  The plan is to have 2 amazing fitness weeks, - then we have work camp, so a week off, but back again!

It's takes so much effort to get out of bed in the am to get to the gym, but once I'm there I just want to get running again...working on trying to train for a 5K.  I wonder how much I would actually enjoy that is, if I could actually finish and would it be a run or a walk?!

I'll probably never know if I don't try!

Found this 5K training plan on their facebook site ... gonna begin the training on Monday, July 23rd to be ready for a 5K on November 17th!!!

An Open Letter to Summer

Dearest Summer,

I was so happy to see you arrive a couple of weeks ago.  It's nice when you come over and spread your beautiful joy with all of those around you.  I await your arrival all winter and spring!

However, this weekend you've been not so kind to us - where is that beautiful 80 to 90 degree weather you like to share?  It's been over 100 these past few days - and it's like you're taking advantage of the relationship we share.  I do enjoy the tan you give me, the warmth you share, and the beauty that is this season.  However, I ask that this 100+ degree funny business be over as of now.

I expect to awake in the morning to a reasonable temperature and stay that way for the rest of the summer!




the heat always reminds me of this song from a classic movie!