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{simple saturday} nine

This week for {simple saturday} I present two beautiful videos from JJ Heller for your viewing and listening pleasure:
Her newest lyric video

and The Boat Song - my favorite music video ever

And a Happy 24th Birthday to my baby brother! 
 I posted a pic of us last week with our Great-Aunt Hy!

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p.s. if you want another great music video - check this out!

and get up and dance in the streets - or the library - or wherever you are!

7 Quick Takes Friday, August 30th

This week's quick takes is a Hats Edition - not these hats:

More like the hats I wear at work!  These week has been extra-ordinary - meaning out of the ordinary not extraordinary as in amazing!  So, here are the hats I wear:

1. Plumber - Do I have a degree in 'plumbery'? NOPE!  But I was trying to fix water coming out from the wall, yes, you read that right.  Water was coming out of the wall behind the toilet.  Which when the guy came, he said: "This is an emergency, I don't think they knew that at the office."  Another toilet had a ripped flapper, which needed to be replaced so it would flush.  How are these the office manager's problem?  I'm really not sure, but when no one else is around the deal with it, I guess it falls on me.  So hat #1 - plumber!  Luckily, I did not have to acquire their pant style to do the job!

2. Web Designer - Do I have a degree in Computer Science, Web Development, speak HTML, or any other code? NOPE!  But it needed to be don…

Five Favorites (August 29th)

1. Lino Rulli, the Catholic Guy - his new book is being released on Sept 3rd and I'm sad I didn't pre-order because it might be here tomorrow! But I need $2 more in my cart to get free shipping so... What I really need is a recommendation for a great book I wan to purchase for under $5, which probably doesn't exist! If you've been waiting for a saint that cries like a schoolgirl, was once an aspiring rapper, is a really good kisser, and rode an elephant in the circus...then your prayers have been answered!
Lino Rulli is hilarious, brutally honest, and ready for his canonization. Saint picks up where Sinner left off. Lino's stories of triumph and failure suggest that you might not be as big a sinner as you think. And that, with God's grace, you might just become a saint.

2.  This documentary!  I found out this is free on Hulu this week (and for a while) and it changed my perspective on the holocaust and abortion when I watched it.  We used it in youth ministry …

{simple saturday} eight

It's been many weeks since I participated in simple saturday, but I'm back today!
I'm home this weekend for my dad's retirement party and got to visit with these great people as well!
This morning my baby bro and I stole Aunt Hy out of exercise class for a chat over some coffee. In October, she's turning 97!  It was such an amazing visit!

Yesterday I had the chance to spend the afternoon with Michael - it's been almost 6 years since an afternoon for lunch and touring the town (we went to the Elk Country Visitors Center) were in our grasp!

Feeling very blessed to be able to spend time with these people and my family, of course! just a few times of year seems to be our 'norm' - so we have to take advantage! Happy Retirement Party!
for more 'simple saturdays' head on over to iris and friends

7 Quick Takes Friday, August 23rd

1. These past few weeks, besides crafts, I've been pretty quiet on the blog.  There have been a few reasons, but most of them don't matter.  A few highlights from the past month - after getting home from World Youth Day.  One has been I am finally using my Living Social deal I purchased for Okra Yoga Tea and Massage back in June - and it has been so relaxing.  I have enjoyed going to the class so much (well, it's only been two weeks).  I will be making it part of my weekly Monday routine!

2.  I am home at my parents for the weekend and even though they all left me this morning!  I did see that I'm taking over their refrigerator with all of my photo postcards!

3.  A few weeks ago the girls and I went to Atlanta and then came back to take Devon out for her bday!  We had tons of fun, and the mango shrimp was de-lish!

4.  The other night MG and I went to a paint and sip class and thought we were going to be making this - a starry night over Charlotte!

Ours are nice, but they d…

Watermelon Baby for a Human Baby Shower!

We got super crafty for our shower - remember the soaps?  There are also tons of little chocolate ducks to go with them too ... see?

Super cute and super delicious!

Back to the watermelon baby!

I took these ingredients:

and created this:

A true fruit artist!  Maybe there's a career in this?

Making One's Own Soap - sort of!

We had this idea for the favor that seemed a little crazy, but hey - that's really what we're after for shower stuff!  We purchased a cute duck mold to make yellow chocolates for cupcake toppers.  And we decided to make soap ducks as well!

How does one make their own soap, you ask?  Well, here's how:

1.  You will need a glass pyrex bowl, soup spoon, and knife to cut the soap.

2. Next purchase some soap - I chose the Shea Butter soap (which I couldn't get the picture to turn around, so sorry - turn your phone, tablet, or computer over!  This 32oz size ended up making 50 little soaps for us!

3.  You'll need some dye (the two colored bottles) and a fragrance (the unknown item).

4. And a mold - Hobby Lobby had all kinds of molds, but we were set on the duckies!

5. This mold took 6oz of soap, which were 6 little cubes for us, so we cut them up and put them into the glass bowl to prepare for...

6. 40 seconds in the microwave - be sure not to put the spoon in there!

7.  I…

Something's Different

I've been home from Brazil for 10 days now, and I'm not certain what it is, but something has changed in me.  It's hard to explain or define, but after World Youth Day I'm not the same.  It's difficult to define or pin-point; I only have the evidence of what I can see and how I feel now.  This weekend we had a visiting priest, Fr. Emmanual, from the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  I was the one to pick him up at the bus station and I believe my life was changed by the conversation I had in the car ride to his host family's house.

I don't mean dramatically changed to the point where I am going to sell my stuff, leave everything, and begin mission work; but as I type that, it doesn't seem like the most terrible idea.  I think I mean an even more radical change than that - what if I had my life in perspective all the time?  How could I do that?  What do I even mean by that?

Well, I don't know how - but what I mean is the 22,000 parishioners he has…

7 Quick Takes Friday, August 2nd

1. Going back to work this week was difficult after the 10 days in Brazil.  We've made it to Friday though - and I just might come home this afternoon and take a nap.

2. Tomorrow the girls and I are going to Atlanta for the weekend to have a little road trip before life takes over when Baby A comes in October.  Then we'll be making road trips over to Huntersville to hold the cutest baby!  I'm excited cause we're going to go to the Cabbage Patch Patch!  My sister and I always wanted to go there - I wish she was coming with us!

3. On Facebook the girls we met in Brazil, Giuliana, Lorena, Patricia, and their other friends have been talking about how they miss us like crazy - it's hard to go to work and deal with the crazies when I could be hanging out with the most wonderful Brazilians I've ever had the pleasure of meeting.  I'm so grateful for the experience of being at World Youth Day.

4. I feel a great 'low' today - mostly because last week was so amaz…