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Have you seen this movie?

It was put out about six years ago and has one of my favorite actors, T.J. Thyne, from Bones.  I know it's a little long - almost 15 minutes actually.   And it's almost like a silent movie - no words.

I was thinking about it last night when I couldn't sleep.  Where do I get my validation from?  Who do I get my validation from?  What am I seeking validation for?

All of these are difficult questions have intellectual answers for me, what I should be thinking and telling myself to do.  Simply that I am a daughter of God, I am validated because I have dignity because I am a a beautiful creation of His.

But in the middle of the night when the doubts and probings from satan creep from the background into the foreground, my answers don't come out as clear.  They come out as messy, ugly lies (he knows my buttons very well).  That there's nowhere for me to be validated, no one willing to validate me, and everything needs to be validated by another …

Thanksgiving Recipes!

So MG and I cooked Thanksgiving for us and some friends of ours - the family who took me in when my house was rejecting me.  It was nice to have them and their 17 month old twins!  Great times were had by all.  Since we cooked all 'new to us' recipes, I'd thought I'd share them along to you, if you need some Christmas ideas!

Breakfast: Fresh Cranberry & Orange Scones from Two Peas in their Pod ... and there's enough for breakfast all weekend!  Score!

Our Thanksgiving table was quite beautiful!

Appetizers were some crackers and Cranberry Cinnamon Goat Cheese (log from Aldi).

Crackers with Brie, Sugared Cranberries, Jam, and Mint adapted from Yummly Mummy Kitchen ... no maple syrup around here so we warmed white wine and honey for the berries to soak in overnight.

They were so beautiful!  And delicious!
For Dinner we had Buttermilk Brined Cornish Hens from Kitchen Confidante ... doubled the recipe to get 4.

Roasted Asparagus with Garlic and Parmesan from Bobbi…

NAS: Thanksgiving

In what ways are we thankful?! Write about anything you want under this theme! Do you have any family traditions that help you to be mindful of the blessings in your life?

I am a girl who loves stability and traditions.  I decided to go to a Benedictine College because of the vow of stability that the monks make, and I'm always looking for how my life will be the same in a few years.  Not that everything has to be the same, but it's hard for me to make decisions when everything is on shaky ground.  When something (like a house for my living situation) is on solid ground, all of the other decisions are somehow easier to make and the change is easier to adapt to.
I've been in Charlotte for 7 Thanksgivings now - well, 6 and Thursday makes 7.  The first year I was here my parents and baby brother came for Turkey Day.  The following year I went home to PA (and it was WAY too much traveling for the November/December time frame, so I decided never to go home for Thanksgiving agai…

Flabbergasted (a book & my life)!

A while ago a friend recommended for me to read Flabbergasted by Ray Blackston (amazon) so I put it on my library reserve list and waited.  Then a few weeks ago I got the email, picked it up, and started reading.  After a little while, I realized that I had previously read this book, but I couldn't remember the ending and I was stuck on a plane, so I kept going.

It was an interesting read.  The main character, Jay Jarvis, moves to Greenville, SC because he was relocated for work.  He begins attending Church for one reason - to find himself a nice gal.  He finds one, well sort of, and makes a lot of friends as well.  The girl he meets is a missionary who's heart is in South America so it seems like he ends up choosing between money and the girl ... but the ending is so dissatisfying that I remembered why I wasn't a huge fan of it in the past.

But as I was gathering the link from amazon for my post - I saw that it's just Book #1 - and there are two more books following …

NAS: When Struggles Come

What ways do you run to implore the Lord's help when you are struggling? Do you always spend time in Adoration? Do you dive into the bible? Automatically go to Confession? Could you be better? And what about those times when things are good and you are joyous? Do you still give the Lord your time?
I was contemplating whether I was going to write this week or not since I'm out of town for work.  I'm visiting at Our Sunday Visitor until Thursday, so today has been filled with lots of traveling, meeting new people, and even an on camera interview!  A pretty exciting day!
Then when we got back from dinner earlier than expected, I figured I would share what I do when I'm struggling...  Great Question!
Ever since I became more involved in my faith the Hail Mary has been my go to prayer in times of need.  So I usually go back there any time I'm struggling with the single life, scared in the middle of the night when I wake up to a startling sound in the dark, anxious at th…

7 Quick Takes Friday ... November 7th

--- 1 ---
Welcome to November!  I cannot believe we are already in November, time seems to fly by!  I also cannot believe that I've been doing this Office Manager job for almost 2 years now ... we are in month 24.  What will the next two years look like?  More fun times as Office Manager? Or different fun times?  Only the Lord truly knows!

--- 2 ---
Have you been listening to Serial?  If not, then you should start!  It's the best of NPR, This American Life, crime drama, and the criminal system all in one.  It's hard to describe, but Sara Koenig's reporting is fantastic.  I cannot tell if Adnan killed Hae or not - and if not, who did?  I'm dying to listen to this week's episode, but cannot wait until next week's What's the Deal with Jay?

--- 3 ---
This week we were discussingDeal Breakers with the NAS gals ... it's been interesting!

--- 4 ---
So it's November - and it's also Fall!  The last week has been WAY too cold for me, but there have been …

NAS: Deal Breakers?

We have chatted about our deal breakers/non-negotiables before (well, I didn't participate then, but the other ladies did), but how do you keep from letting your standards fall? What prevents you from just dating any guy out there? What keeps you going?
So for this topic, I just read the beginning of Jen's post and am totally going to steal this paragraph and say I completely agree and couldn't have typed it better myself: I am not going to date just any guy, because I want to date a godly man. I want to share in that together. For me, the biggest thing: sharing in the sacraments together. The Eucharist. Confession. It's a beautiful gift, but to experience those things together with your future hubby is truly incredible (I would imagine). The grace you receive in general is awesome, but also for your relationship?? It can only make it stronger and pointed toward Heaven. How do I not lose hope that the guy I think exists does in fact actually exist?  Well, because reall…