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Do you ever get impatient?

I think this question to myself a lot.  I've been trying to grow in this area of virtue, but it's really difficult - as you can probably guess since the name of this blog is about patience!  It doesn't take a genius to figure out that I have some trouble with this area of my Spiritual Life.

Throughout my short life I've had the blessing of avoiding major tragedies, extreme suffering, and many heart aches that my peers have experienced.  I feel truly blessed that this is the case - and yet, why can't I get it through my head that being blessed is enough?

So often I forget, like at lunch today with two amazing ladies.  They are wonderful women, but some of the things they struggle with are the same that I struggle with - being patient with people at work, trying to have their personal lives on track, working on their own weight issues.  I only get frustrated with patience in these areas because I see these beautiful women who, in my mind, have everything put together…

How tiny socks changed my!

Went over to the Shoe Circus, I mean Carnival, to purchased a cute new pair of shoes!

And I saw that they had these socks Buy One, Get One 1/2 Price.  So I took the plunge, told the woman I was definitely buying the socks, did she mind if I tried one pair on ... she didn't, so I did and then ... my life was changed!

Well, the life of my feet, that's for sure!  They were warm all day and I didn't feel like falling over at the end of the day!

How does this apply to you?  Well, go buy some of these socks for your flats and your world can change too!

...and maybe later this week, I'll have some thoughts about how to change the world in a way that really matters (although my Aunt Hy always said to make sure you're feet are set, then the rest of your life will follow - and she's 96)!

7 Quick Takes Friday, January 25th

- 1 -'s supposed to snow tonight. We will see if that is more than a super light dusting of maybe 2 mm of snow! Everything will probably be canceled because everyone freaks out. Only time will tell!

WAS what I wrote last week ... and the same still applies!  Nothing came of last week's info, but of this week - only a funny facebook exchange...check it out!

Basically, everyone argues about what's okay to be scared by and then makes excuses for the south.  Just because we don't have it 'all the time' - we have enough for you to learn! And that is that!

- 2 - Tonight we are going to Upstream for Charlotte's Restaurant Week and I'm super excited!  I already know what I'm going to have (only because there are only 3 options and we picked it based on the menu).  I'll let you know how delicious it is!  Last Restaurant Week we went to BLT Steak and it was amazing!

- 3 - This week I've been SO tired at night!  I was able to work out 3 of 4…

There's a First Time for Everything

Well I made a smoothie with Spinach!

And I liked it! Delicious :)

1 Bannana
2 cups Spinach
1/2 cup Plain Greek 0% yogurt
1 tablespoon Peanut Butter
3/4 cup Soy Milk

Blend until smooth. Makes two servings at 144 calories each.

7 Quick Takes Friday, January 18th

- 1 -'s supposed to snow tonight. We will see if that is more than a super light dusting of maybe 2 mm of snow! Everything will probably be canceled because everyone freaks out. Only time will tell!

- 2 - Today is also our next book club night. I've got my dish to share ready but I haven't read my chapter yet so I need to get on that tonight. We are reading In His Spirit and its not as interesting as it sounds.

It is a very theological book, not bad, just not really the best fodder for our discussions.  Not what I was expecting shall we say is all.

- 3 - A few weeks ago I downloaded a new app for reading blogs on my phone called Feedlyand it's been such a better organizational tool - helping me to see the blogs I want to read on the go!  Check it out!

- 4 - Tonight I was so blessed to have dinner with the sisters!  We had a great time chatting - Sr. E was even trying to fix me up with her brother (who lives in the Philippines and is discerning the priesthoo…

Christ has 'Saved the Day' - literally

Sometimes it feels like evil is taking over the world.  Although, I know for certain that is a false statement, there are times when I can become downtrodden.  For instance two events of this weekend come to mind.  
First, a young man who worked in my little brother's office committed suicide.  The specific reasons are unknown, but the family can conjecture pretty accurately as he was facing a trial in 3 months that was probably going to put him away for 35 years and fine him over $1 Million.  The charges? Downloading free articles with the intent to place them on the public domain.  Now, that is a very simplified version of Aaron Swartz' case and his life.  I know what I read off a quick Google search this afternoon.  This was a young man who felt a need to protect our right to privacy and many are saddened and confused by the ending of his life.
Second, our Church was broken into a few nights ago.  Drunk kids either entering in the pursuit of evil or unknowingly pawns of Sat…

7 Quick Takes Friday, January 11th

- 1 -  What a week it has been! A few exciting things happened at work - well, not really exciting, like earth-shattering, but made my day and time a LOT better!  I got my new mouse in the mail and now I'm back in the 21st Century with the ability to scroll both up AND down!  The days have been going very quickly as well and although that is a really good thing, it's also been kind of hectic-like all week.  So I think I'll have a picture-filled quick takes this week and promise to blog more throughout the week...enjoy!

- 2 - Although it is Friday - YEAH! It has been so dreary today, that it should be against Natural Law to be this yucky on a Friday, that happiest day of the week!

- 3 - Youth Ministry has been going well!  Some fun pics of the kids for your enjoyment!

- 4 - My favorite things lately have been a book and some delicious Hot Cocoa!

-5 - I also cannot get enough of this Arturo character on youtube!

- 6 - Although it's not my New Year's Resolution, I've b…

Dear "Map My Run"...

Dear Map My Run,

I really love your app!  It helps me know how far I'm running, an idea at the calories burned, my speed, and more!  I have only used the app a few times since downloading it - maybe 5 or so.  I've logged a few short runs - just 2 miles (not really short in my mind, but relative) - and they are not 'solid run' courses - my speed fluctuates much.  I think I can walk faster than I can run - which is not something I understand since it's opposite on the treadmill, but anyway - that's not what this letter is about.

This letter is about the email I received this morning - and a few weeks ago as well.  It begins with "You've been selected..." and follows with this graphic image...

Which of these 2 mile struggle runs was it that inspired you to send me the Tough Mudder email?  There is no way in High Heaven that I can do that!!! 
I'm just curious as to who is doing your marketing and am suggesting that you have a more targeted audienc…

We Are A Mess!

This morning I was listening to The Catholic Guy with Lino Rulli on my way to drive Ash to school and back.  It was the episode from January 2nd, their first one back on the air in 2013 after the Christmas Holiday.  He speaks many times about people who have claimed to come back to the Catholic Church after listening to the show, but never claims all of the credit on him.  In his words, yes - takes the compliment, but really recognizes that Jesus Christ is the real reason they are coming back, not his silly antics about the Church.

The reason - because we are all really just a mess.  We are trying to live the Spiritual Life, trying to be humble, meek, patient - but really, we are just fighting our own ego, selfish-desires, pride, etc...  Although it's hard to admit we are just a mess - honestly, we've got a long, long way to go!

Like this kid, just trying to get back to the farm.  Yes, I can see it in the distance, but there's no way to tell if this road is going to go stra…

The World is Ending!

I tend to be an All or Nothing kind of girl.  A few examples to illustrate...

~ I've had a headache almost every day for a week - I must have a brain tumor.

~ A first date means we're getting married.

~ No boyfriend means I'll be single my entire life.

~ I gained two pounds, I haven't gotten any healthier at all.

~ A small fight with a friend - we'll never speak again.

~ A parent hates our program, everyone thinks I suck at ministry.

~ I have a dry moment of prayer, the Lord has forgotten about me and I'll never make it to sainthood in Heaven!

And I could go on and on and on... forever!

I have a tendency for the over dramatic - and if you know me, you're probably thinking, "Katie, how long did it take you to see that?  Have you heard of that river in Egypt, de-Nile?"  Yeah, I know I can be a little over dramatic.  This does have it's benefits.  I'm certain you're asking what they can be.

1. When I make a decision to change something, I…

7 Quick Takes, Friday, January 4th

- 1 -  First, many prayers for Jennifer who is in the hospital with a bilateral pulmonary embolism.  They are not operating because of the complications with her pregnancy.  Offering up my suffering today for a complete healing.

- 2 - Second, speaking of woman who are pregnant!  So many around me, many prayers for them, their husbands, the kids in their family, and the unborn.  A friend in England, three here in Charlotte, one on Long Island, and a cousin back home - I think that's all!  But new news every week!  It's so exciting for them and the fact hat I am able to witness the new life coming into the world is a real treat!

- 3 - Lately I've been reading a lot of posts from Cindy's blog The Veil of Chastity and it's been really good comfort for me (the seemingly perpetual single woman).  She is dissecting Myths about the Single Life:

1. Setting the Stage2. Myth #1:Others are getting away with sin/sex is consequence free3. Myth #2 Part 1:God has forgotten about me a…