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7 Quick Takes Friday, I mean Sunday ... October 26th

I have spent the entire week recovering from last Saturday's smashing success at World Feast 2014.  It was a LOT of work, but totally worth it!!!  I posted a few great ones on Instagram on Saturday and was 'live posting' on Facebook all day to get people over to our campus ... and it must have worked because we had at least 1,000 people come to the FEAST.  Everyone had a blast, the food was amazing, and so many smiling faces!!!  That's why my Friday takes are on Sunday - either that or extreme laziness ... one or the other!

Oh, and my parents were here to visit last weekend as well - they brought me this:

I had it tuned yesterday morning and am loving being able to play the piano again whenever I want - which I've never really been able to do, but alas, it's nice having a piano in my house - and the ability to play!  Makes it more of a home!

For about a month now I've been doing yoga every morning - sometimes just 10-12 minutes and sometimes almost 45 minutes.  My fitness partner (who I haven't actually seen in weeks) and I stumbled upon this video and liked it - we continued to a few more days, then at home I signed up for her 30 Day Challenge and they send me a new video every day.  I loved it so much, I signed up for her 2014 30 Day Challenge and now mix the two together for some real variety.  It's been a great workout routine for this failed runner - I want to want to be a runner, but I'm just not that into it.  I feel like a failure saying that, but the truth is that I just don't really want to run around ... so I'm replacing it with yoga and no regret!  If you want to get into yoga, Erin Motz is your gal - oh and she just got engaged to "The Frenchman" - such happiness for them both!!!

via her Facebook Page!

I also started watching this show on Hulu last night - and am strangely intrigued - I want to see where they are going to take Jane, her baby, and all the other complicated story lines they've set up in just two chapters.

When I saw the first preview I was very weary - but now after a few episodes, I think this might be something okay - not necessarily that most amazing religious exposition about a position of chastity - but so far it's not been anti-virginity.  So we will see.

I've also been enjoying a few other new shows - the best one being Red Band Society about kids who live in a hospital.  And there are three other romantic shows I've taken an interest in watching: Manhattan Love Story, A to Z, and Marry Me.  We will see if they go anywhere good.

I've been trying to eat the things I have in my home rather than going out to the store to buy new stuff - which is a good economical choice except for the fact that I had to pour Soy Milk into my coffee this morning since I'm out of half-and-half.  Hmm.... I prefer half-and-half and the creaminess that it changes a cup of coffee into!!!  Oh the small sacrifices that I can hardly convince my self to do - how will I ever get to Heaven?!

Speaking of that - I mentioned last week about how I was speaking to the College Students on Wednesday evening about Baptism and the Baptismal Call.  It actually went very well - I was grateful because I was extraordinarily nervous about saying the right thing.  Being semi-inspirational - which it's not really about me, but about the Holy Spirit.  So he worked - at least a little through me.  I hope I was able to get out of the way enough!

That's all for today - see you on Tuesday for the NAS topic of the week - discernment and a little fun announcement about an interview I did around the interwebs!  Happy Sunday!

For more Quick Takes, visit Conversion Diary!


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