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7 Quick Takes Friday, April 26th

A few short quick takes for this week...

- 1 - I've decided and entirely embraced bloglovin' as my new google reader.  I actually like it more, if that's okay to say.  I enjoy going to the actual page of the blog to read it so I get to see all of the great designs people have up!  So Follow my blog with Bloglovin!

- 2 - Played kickball last night, and we won again!  We are officially undefeated!  I've never been on an undefeated team before and I'm not going to lie, I'm pretty stoked about it!

- 3 - This weekend is our Annual Diocesan Youth Conference so I'm headed up to Black Mountain for the weekend with Sister and the youths.

- 4 - Sr. Edeva is our new youth minister, since I abdicated my position back in November (I was on the bandwagon before Benedict)!  She's doing a fabulous job.  She likes hanging with the kids and they seem to like her as well!

- 5 - Work has been super busy with some crazy projects: bulletins, IT/Web design, volunteers, purch…

7 Quick Takes Friday, April 19th

A few of my favorite moments from the week are to follow!

- 1 - Watching this video produced by Dove brought tears to my eyes.

There have been so many articles and posts bashing Dove and this video and I'm floored by any negative response.  I realize they are doing this to sell dove beauty products - hello!  But a company who produces something that helps how women see themselves, is doing some great work in my mind.  One comment from this blog really struck me, no bothered me:
What you look like should not affect the choices that you make. It should certainly not affect the friends you make—the friends that wouldn’t want to be in relationship with you if you did not meet a certain physical standard are not the friends that you want to have. Go out for jobs that you want, that you’re passionate about. Don’t let how good looking you feel like you are affect the way way that you treat your children.  I know my next sentence could be controversial and might seem demeaning to my own …

An Interesting Project

An interesting project from Jon Acuff...consolation that others have similar fears.

No More Voices

something to pray about...

7 Quick Takes Friday, April 12th

- 1 - Well, apparently I gave up blogging for the 2nd half of Lent and the first two weeks of Easter!  Not really, it mostly comes from the fact that I sit at a computer all day at work and don't really want to do the same when I get home at night.  Also, not sure I always have things to say - well, that's not true, if you know me, I always have things to say, it's just that sometimes no one really wants to hear it. 

- 2 - This week began super rough, not sure what the problem was.  I had a great evening on Sunday and then an awful meeting on Monday afternoon that led to a Wine & Chocolate Whining session at a friend's house. 

- 3 - I try to refrain from being any sort of political on facebook and the blog, but something has really gotten under my skin today.  Before Lent began, I saw on GMA about the Jodi Arias and the drama that is her.  Then on Monday morning of this week, when I started watching GMA in the morning again, there she was - STILL ON TRIAL!  She ad…

It is what it is.

Or is it?

If I've said this a hundred times, I've said it thousands of times.  Just last week in reference to about 15 things at work.  I've also said it bunch of times regarding items in my apartment.  For instance, the last few years I've been living in the same place with these two problems: the water pressure in my kitchen sink is terrible and a small nail has been sticking up between my dining room and living room.

2 years, I've been living like this!  2 years people!

Well, I came home last night and those two items are now fixed - FIXED!  I thought they were just things I had to live with, but it ends up that's not the case.  Now, this makes me wonder whether that's the case in the rest of the areas of my life.

I think we even say this about ourselves.  For example:  I fly off the handle easily and that's just the way I am.  or I gossip every chance I get and that's just the way it is.  I am who I am - take it or leave it.  Matthew Kelly disc…

Happy Easter!

It's such a joyous week of the year!  We get to say Happy Easter over and over and mean it!  That's the exciting part of being Catholic (well, there are many exciting things).

Although, as I sit here at work (yes, I should be working), I'm trying to choke down my lunch, another salad!  UGH - it's not even a little bit as delicious as you think it might be.  Today has been long, it's hard to work when you get back from an amazing weekend off - Jesus Died AND Rose this weekend and we celebrated every minute of it.  How wonderful!

But today hasn't bee filled with wonder - it involved coming back to work, facing a situation that I wish would go away on its own, attending the funeral of a loved woman (the mother-in-law of a friend of mine), and now, seemingly inconsequential in the midst of it all, sitting at my desk trying to figure out how to love salad again.  Strange the mole hills we make into mountains isn't it?

Also, my dad had surgery today - he's do…