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Embracing the Crazy

Plans Don't Always Turn Out Like You Want...

Everyone is now shaking their heads in agreement and thinking, what in the world could you write that would be insightful. I'm thinking the same things. I think this a lot when I read articles on Verily one of my favorite online magazines. The topics about the single life on this quick google search make me always think, "now the secret to embracing being single, the secret to understanding why God has me in this place of being in between." This is just a sampling of the last year or so:

8 Secrets to Savoring the Single LifeSingle and 30: How I Stopped Waiting for a Ring and Started Living a Great LifeThe Advice I wish I could have Given to my Single SelfYou're Only Single Once, So Embrace it while it LastsGet a Healthier Attitude Toward Being Single with a...Things Happily Coupled People Say to their Single FriendsBeing Single is What you Make of it, to Make it Positive5 Reasons I'd Rather Be Single on Valentine…

As Sweet as Apple Pie

Y'all, I have eaten a lot of apple pie during my three decades of living. My dad has two apple trees in our backyard and we ate a LOT of apples as kids. He makes pies by the dozens and freezes them for later. So when I heard a story on NPR or an npr-esque podcast last week about the best, flakiest pie crust ever, I knew I had to try it.

So tonight's "friendsgiving" at a friend's parish young adult group was the night! Two recipes mixed together for the best apple pie I've ever eaten (not to boast too much). Oh and this recipe gives you a chance to use up a little bit of that vodka we all have lying around in our freezers - or is that just me? And yes - the vodka makes the crust so, so flaky - so don't flake out and skip it! Now a beautiful picture and the recipe so you can be the talk of the party for your amazing apple pie!

The Best Apple Pie Recipe Prep: 60 minutes, Fridge: 45 min to 2 days, Bake: 50 minCrust: 2 1/2 cups (12 1/2 ounces) unbleached all-p…