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7 Quick Takes Friday, June 28th

- 1 -  I just love Pope Francis!  He is drawing me closer to the Lord every day during his homilies - like yesterday:
"They do not know how to enjoy the life that Jesus gives us because they do not know how to talk to Jesus," the pope said. Because they have no joy, they have no freedom either. They are "slaves of superficiality" or "the slaves of rigidity."  (full story)And this picture of him is too much ... 27 days until we are in the same city, on the same beach, celebrating the same event!

- 2 - We played our final kickball game of the season that would never end last night!  It was with the worst team in the league, they are so rude! I really like our team...I feel like some people who I might just be friends with in the future.

- 3 - I've been dog sitting all week for these two crazy dogs: 

They are actually pretty easy to sit for, but it only solidifies how much I know I will never be a dog owner! Check out my favorites from this week to se…

11 Things I Learned in June

Linking up this month with Chatting at the Sky about what I learned during the month of June.

1. I am not a dog person.

2. I like listening to NPR, like an old lady - and am learning a ton!

3. Buying custom made buttons is super cheap!  Getting 300 for $70 including shipping from Pure Buttons!  An excellent design as well!

4. I actually enjoy red wine, good to know!
5. When I don't eat on a regular schedule, I get some serious headaches. I need to make a more regular schedule and actually a stick to it at work. 
6. Having cable doesn't make me a happier person. I've had it the last week while dog sitting and I've only watched things that I could get at home or on Hulu. So continuing the cable free lifestyle!
7. I need to remember to stick up for myself and what I think is best for our office staff and our parish. Don't get run over by someone else. Stick to your guns and do what is best. 
8. I'm happier when I run! Go run!
9. Wearing a tutu makes me feel like a prin…

Five Favorites (June 26th)

I've been dog/house sitting this week and so I will give you, in pics, my five favorite pets!



although, they require some tank cleaning - and one time I had a fish jump out of the tank in a suicide attempt!


For some real favorites, head over to the gang at Hallie's!
p.s. Kudos to all you dog lovers out there - I will admire you from afar, very afar!

{simple saturday} five

simply today - a laugh...

 this was the funniest thing that happened last week ... i still cannot look at it without laughing at the napkin people!
it reminds me of this:

such a cute video - worth the 8 minutes!
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7 Quick Takes Friday, June 21st

- 1 - What a week - I feel like I say this each week; I'm not sure why my life is so dramatic sounding when nothing great really happens.  I mean, seriously - how can this be?  I think that I create drama wherever I go ... like Pig Pen a little bit:

I am trying to remove this aspect of my life, but it's super difficult, so I will press on and try to remove the crown (ie: drama queen crown).
- 2 - I think that Spiritual Direction can help me with this and will discuss it with Monsignor when we meet later today.
... I'm really done, just tired - so I'm going to just post some memes they did at Faithful Servant today while I wasn't there!
- 3 - 
Well this one is from Francis ... but now...
- 4 - This one is from my small group - about me:

- 5 - This is the cutest little girl:

- 6 - This guy is GREAT!

- 7 - And this kid has the cutest little face:

Go to Jen and friends for some more exciting quick takes!  See you next week!

World Youth Day - Shirts

I really want this shirt!!!

Isn't it the CUTEST thing!!!
And the price isn't bad when you first see it:

BUT, when you add in the shipping it becomes quite the price!

If you were feeling okay about it - thinking that shipping from the around the world is quite expensive, and it's still less than $75 for a once in a lifetime shirt that you'll make the most amazing memories wearing.  You go and convert it on google and get:

It's a $97 t-shirt!  I believe the cost of one custom printed shirt is less than this - and I believe that 20 custom printed shirts from customink would be less than this!  I could get 12 shirts for the price of one!!!

Five Favorites (June 19th)

1.  Faithful Servant: It's a week long retreat hosted by my Diocese of youth and adults to learn and practice leadership skills.  This week we have 55 adults and teens.  It's been great - last night I came home to work for a few days, but I'm going back tomorrow night after work.  But some crazy things happen there, so these are my favorites:

2.  Christopher: one of my kids during the lip sync contest on Monday evening.  He and another boy did something with Part of Your World from The Little Mermaid.  It was just delightful.  In this video - he's the tall one!

3. One of the topics I presented on this year was Consensus.  This is where the group decides what is best for the group and takes a consensus rather than voting.  This way everyone's opinions are part of the process and all are involved.  The activity was finding one flavor of ice cream with 6 toppings to have as a treat at our Skit Bonanza on Thursday evening.  We will be able to make a pretty delicious s…

{simple saturday} four

running a little behind on my simple saturday ... but as i make some healthy snacks, i'm simply enjoying this:

for more 'simple saturdays' head on over to iris and friends

Faithful Servant = Healthy Snacks

Tomorrow begins our annual Faithful Servant retreat for the Dioceses of North Carolina!  That means it's time to make some healthy snacks to bring along!

On the agenda: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites and Amazing Granola (one of the moms brought this for us last year and I just stumbled upon the recipe tonight!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites I saw this on Pinterest earlier, but was deceived by the person's comment below the picture.  As I put in the ingredients she said: 3 ripe bananas, 1 1/2 cups of Oats, 3 TB of Chocolate Chips, and 2 TB of PB - it was super wet so I added 1/2 cup of white flour.
They turned out pretty delicious - try it out at home!
Then Enjoy!  My recipe got 25 - making each cookie just 44 calories!  Pretty good for a sweet snack :)

Granola Next Up, Granola!
You'll need:

Dry Ingredients: Oats (4 cups), Wheat Germ (1 cup), Walnuts (1 cup) Salt (dash), Cinnamon (dash), Brown Sugar (1/4 cup) (not pictured) Wet Ingredients: Vegetable Oil (1/3 cup), Ho…

My Newest Bad Habit...

Recently, I've acquired a new bad habit.  When I see articles or blog posts that I like or even don't like, I read them.  Well, that's not the bad habit - that's actually good, potentially a tool for procrastination, but a good thing.

After the article - and sometimes instead of the article, like this afternoon - I just scroll down to the comments and read them and then get really upset!

This afternoon I was reading about 5 jobs for dads during delivery.  It was a tribute to fathers since it's Father's Day on Sunday.  At the bottom, the comment was about how many times it's not men or men who are not the father who are with the woman for delivery.  They suggested that they rewrite it for 'partners' instead.  The author stated that since it was Father's Day on Sunday, they were honoring dads.  Then a pregnant woman in a same-sex 'marriage' commented and ended with this:
For those who wish to see more gender neutral articles, may I suggest…

7 Quick Takes Friday, June 14th

- 1 - It has been such a long week!  There was some drama on Monday - embodied in the following facebook post:

We found out there was an issue with our trip to Brazil and now we are gathering the information to assure that it happens.  It will hopefully work itself out, but I am not getting my hopes up too high. 

Then on Wednesday we started a 3 day trial at work - and by trial, I mean time of tribulation.  A decision that is better for the entire group, but will need to be worked through for the coming weeks.  There will be many consequences - almost all good.

- 2 - On a high note, this weekend is the 3rd annual SonFest at one of our local parishes.  I am so excited to see what they have going on tonight!

- 3 - I did something a little crazy on Tuesday night - after a conversation with one of our volunteers at work, I decided to just go for it and bought a ticket to Denver for the 4th of July weekend!  I cannot wait to see Elisabeth and visit and talk and get away and everything!  The la…

When Bad Things Happen...

Saw this post as I was trying to get my bloglovin' feed back down to 0 ... or -1 like it was last week!

How sweet was that?  Super caught up - today we're at 60!  Oh, how these blogs I follow love to write - and, let's be serious, I love to read 'em!

Anyway, Mary Is My Homegirl posted this and I cannot help but re-post it in it's entirety because it is just what I feel many times throughout the day, week, months, years...well you get the point:

I CAN’T HELP BUT WONDER IF MY OPERATIVE SPIRITUALITY BOILS DOWN TO Step one of getting out of a “The Lord and I have an understanding” spiritual mentality: recognizing that you have a problem. And moving forward with the knowledge that a relationship with God which encompasses more than a tit-for-tat spiritual bargain is far more fulfilling and far less anxiety-producing when things (eventually, inevitably) go wrong. Because God does not instantly r…