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You Are A Priest Forever

I have had the privilege of knowing many, many priests in my short (so far) life.  As a child, my mother was very involved in our parish as the volunteer DRE (yes, a volunteer DRE! I cannot even comprehend finding a volunteer for the parish I work for to take on all of the responsibilities of our Religious Education program).  The consequence of this (besides many Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings spent at the Church) was that we really got to know the priests who were stationed at our parish.  In Elementary School I was also involved as an altar server.  Since I also attended the Catholic grade school across the street, I was scheduled to serve the morning Daily Mass as well for a week at a time.  This is great one-on-one time for a young person with the Priest, the Reader (who later became my Confirmation Sponsor and joined the ranks of the Saints this past Fall), and Sacristan.

Then when deciding which college I would attend following graduation, I was drawn to three schools:…