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Spring has Sprung!

Welcome to Spring! Celebrating with a very Spring looking salad for dinner!

Excited to enjoy every moment of warmth, sunshine, flowers, and more of Spring, Summer, and Fall...these are my three favorite seasons!

7 Quick Takes Friday, March 15th: Papal Edition

1 - Quick Takes a little late this week!  Was away last weekend and SO busy celebrating my birthday this week things got a little delayed, but I'm back to blogging - I'm sure you've been on the edge of your seats waiting, waiting, waiting for me...well, probably not!  This week, 7 AWESOME things about our new pope! I'm sure there are better and more exciting things else where, but this is my take on my birthday present!
2 - That's right, people!  I got a POPE for my birthday!  That doesn't happen every year or to every one!  Only one other time in this century!  I join a small group of people who were born on April 19th!  It was so funny because when we had pizza and cake at work, we were singing then doing the obligatory blowing out of the candles when I said, I wish for a Pope today!  I'd been following closely of course - listening to my celebrity crush, Lino Rulli, along with Father Dave on their special show Holy Smokes:…

7 Quick Takes Friday, March 1st

- 1 - Finally, after 10 days, I'm feeling like a human being again after being down with a sinus infection.  So, maybe you'll get some real nuggets of wisdom from this week's quick takes - maybe not, you'll never know until you read through them (or until I write them).

- 2 - We are officially sede vacante as the Pope Officially resigned as of 8pm Rome Standard Time yesterday.

- 3 - I am SO excited about this release from JJ Heller in two weeks!  Check out the latest release video from yesterday...

- 4 - I'm listening to The Catholic Guy Show with Lino and Fr. Rob as I type this and am cracking up as they do a commentary on the Pope's Final comments to the Pope.  They make it into such a joyful event for all!

- 5 - On Thursday I'm leaving for New York for a visit to see my brother!  I cannot wait to get a little vacation as well as to see him where he lives.  I think we're going to see some of the city (I've really only ever been to Times Square an…