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7 Quick Takes Friday, December 7th

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- 1 -  Well I typed my entire quick takes on my iPhone (the 7th being how much I love my phone), then I attached some pictures and the entire thing disappeared.  So I'm sorry, but you are going to get the quick version of an already quick here it goes!

- 2 -  I saw the stupidest thing today (well heard on the radio first then got an email from them to entice me to purchase).  Starbucks is offering a Stainless Steel gift card loaded with $400 that only costs $450.  REALLY, a gift card that costs $50!  What a waste of money!  Whenever I get a Starbucks gift card, I immediately register the card online, load it onto my key-bob card and either use that (which is attached to my keys like my Harris Teeter card) or the app on my phone.  This card is a ridiculous purchase - and I predict one of two things is going to happen.  First - people will purchase it because it's a limited edition and they thing they are getting an amazing offer that no one else has. OR Second - no one will purchase it because it's stupid.  

If you're looking for something for me - go ahead and spend the $450, but no need to get the stainless steel card - you can just give it as an ecard and avoid any manufacturing or shipping fees!

- 3 -  I've been on my new job for just under a week now and it's an adventure.  I'm always saying things are Always an Adventure and now it's really the truth.   In 4 days I've had new email accounts created, purchased parts for broken urinals, rid the building of lice, write purchase orders, call about a broken HVAC unit, and much more.  This is going to be an interesting job - always changing, nothing the same.

- 4 -  When MG and I were in Savannah (which I haven't even had the motivation to write about yet) we saw tons of alligators at The Crab Shack.  This is one of them - they looked like they were fake cause they didn't move very much while we were watching, but they were definitely cool!

- 5 -  I have strict rules about Christmas decorations - mainly because I like to enjoy Christmas and want it to be around longer than the middle of the day on Christmas Day.

So normally I am against decorating before December 8th - but when we were in Orlando for NCCYM the Dolphin Resort had this in their lobby and it was beautiful!  A tree of white poinsettia's and blue bulbs.  Almost like it was a devotion to our Blessed Mother!

And the Sunsets weren't a bad addition either!

- 6 -  Sister Edeva & I hung out all weekend, and it was really nice to get to know her outside of work.  I think we could really be friends - well, we are friends and more than just the few seconds I speak to her because her office is across the Hall from me.  I'm glad she will be our new youth minister and think many vocations will be considered because of her example to the youth!!!

- 7 -  Note how I said considered!  I think it is a great accomplishment if we can just get young women to think about entering into the religious life.  Let it be part of the conversation about their future and we will have more religious sisters like Sr. Edeva running programs for our youth!!!  Mark my work - this is how we will invite more vocations - sisters joyfully living out their vocation!

Go check out Jennifer for more quick takes at:

p.s. these are nothing like my takes before - not sure if they are better or worse though...hmmm.


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