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7 Quick Takes Friday, December 14th

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- 1 -  Well, almost two full weeks in the new job.  And I've met with a new company for our HVAC unit, a cleaning company, an alarm company, decided on procedures for Purchase Orders & Vacation Slips, rigged up a way to make US measured candles stay straight in metric candle-holders, etc, etc, etc...  It's always an adventure, quite literally!  Last night it even bled into my sleeping life when the Church alarm went off at 2:23am.  If that culprit is a blog reader, take note - don't come to my Church in the middle of the night! I don't appreciate a mid-sleep phone call that leads to some panic!  Other than that, it's really been a great move for me.  MG said tonight that this is right up my alley - and I'm inclined to believe.

- 2 -  Over the last 6 or 8 weeks I've been watching Bones.  I think I might be a tad bit addicted, but I really want to see what's going to happen!  I'm watching Season 6, Episode 20 right now!  Bones and Booth still haven't got together - he's ready & she's not, she's ready & he's dating someone, now they are both single & she thinks they'd only be good in bed but not in a relationship.  I realize that their love story (or lack there of) is fictional - yes, I know, it's just a tv show - but my point is that if these writers can't find a way for them to be together then is there hope for me!  I guess, I've got the Creator of the Universe on my side, writing my love story - so that should mean something.  I'm sure it does!!!  And He's got to be one it, right now!

- 3 -  My mom has told my siblings and I that my dad wants a bird for Christmas! Really, a bird!? This is an interesting development.  I mean, when I was a kid, he always had a bird feeder and enjoyed watching them outside of the window - but a bird as a pet (& they have a dog) would never have crossed my mind as something on his bucket list!  They might keep him company once he retires in August!

- 4 -  One of my least favorite things (the lesser known out-take scene from The Sound of Music) is not having coffee creamer at home and having to use soy milk (which is one of my favorite things).  It puts a real crimp on my morning style!  I need to go to the store!!!

- 5 -  I've been listening to The Catholic Guy Show in the car instead of the radio for the last 3 months on my iPhone.  The podcast I heard today was a discussion of this Fr. Charles Viviano of a song he did called PapaMamaRazzi.  It seems like an interesting concept - taking Lady Gaga's song Paparazzi and changing the lyrics but keeping the melody.  The story he created is when Joseph sees Mary across the market and takes his first picture of her (yes, they had photos back in the day, apparently)!  However, I can't find the entire thing - so I believe they are still waiting for approval from Lady Gaga to use her music.  But check it out here!

- 6 -  I went running 4 days last week - that's right 4 days!  But this week I've been off the wagon (well, off the treadmill really).  I don't know how to get back on track!!!  Maybe it needs to be a New Year's resolution thing!  I just need to make it happen - even if I have to get to the gym at 5pm, walk/run, shower there, and go back for another meeting at work.  I WILL go to the gym!!!

- 7 -  I need to get on my Christmas shopping!  There are only a few things purchased as of today.  I did create my mom's present and we decided on dad's (see #3).

Off for the night ... maybe I'll blog more than once a week beginning in the New Year!

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