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7 Quick Takes Friday, December 21

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- 1 -  After 3 full weeks at the new position, I've realized that I'm going to have a lot more free time on my hands after work.  Even all my friends work ministry like jobs so us getting together during the week isn't reality right now.  However, I'm looking forward to filling my time with new activities - even running (which I've done sadly very little of lately).  New Year, New Me - I've gotta get back on the wagon, as they say.

- 2 -  What I wrote last week...
Over the last 6 or 8 weeks I've been watching Bones.  I think I might be a tad bit addicted, but I really want to see what's going to happen!  I'm watching Season 6, Episode 20 right now!  Bones and Booth still haven't got together - he's ready & she's not, she's ready & he's dating someone, now they are both single & she thinks they'd only be good in bed but not in a relationship.  I realize that their love story (or lack there of) is fictional - yes, I know, it's just a tv show - but my point is that if these writers can't find a way for them to be together then is there hope for me!  I guess, I've got the Creator of the Universe on my side, writing my love story - so that should mean something.  I'm sure it does!!!  And He's got to be one it, right now!
Well, I'm sad and excited to say that I'm through Bones - just one episode to catch up to the show in 'real time' - most of you probably already know because you've been living in 2012 for some time now - Bones and Booth are finally together, mostly because they had a kid together.  It is such a satisfying end to the entire build up - maybe they'll even decide to get married this season!

- 3 -  News on the Bird Front - it's a NO-GO.  Mum actually asked Dad (& a good thing too), and he said NOPE, not today.  So now we're back to square one.  I'm thinking either 1) telling all my siblings that if we would just all go to Church together on Christmas morning, that's all dad would want or 2) buying him an empty birdcage as a decoration for outside!  It'll probably be #2 as they haven't been to Church in years and don't see the value that my parents and I do.

- 4 -  I've been wrapping packages and packages and packages - and I've got some good gifts!  Check out these photos!
Inside this gift for my mom is an AMAZING DIY thing that I can't reveal
just yet because she just might be reading
and it'll spoil the surprise - but believe me, it looks WAY
more amazing than the desserts in the next take!

And a paper bow that I made last night!
Sometimes I surprise even myself...
- 5 -  I went to a cookie ornament exchange and this is what I brought...

I was a tad bit embarrassed.  However, I really should not try to bake pretty things - I got taken off cupcake frosting duty about six weeks ago by Erica because of how bad they were.  But my crafty projects are SO much better!  That present up there is just the beginning of how excellent they were!

- 6 -  I just saw this on Pinterest as I was waiting for those photos to might describe how I feel about a certain person at work (& honestly probably describes her attitude toward me as well).

- 7 -  Finally - no tree this year, but the decorations look pretty amazing if I do say so myself!

Merry Christmas!

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  1. #6 LOL! Keeping it real. :)
    #7 Gorgeous painting over your fireplace!


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