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The Office

Well I'm not even a week behind the rest of the world ... surprising, I know.  The past few days I've spent my evenings watching the last half of the last season of The Office.  I enjoyed seeing things wrapped up after all these years ... well, to be honest, I watched the entire series within the last year so it hasn't been years as much as it's been year.

I loved watching Pam and Jim fall in love...

and get married.

I cannot get over all of the FANTASTIC pranks that Jim pulls on Dwight!  My favorite was faxes from future Dwight.

Watch at right around 2:40 for my favorite!

And The Finale was no disappointment.  I love that everything was resolved and all are doing well - also that Michael Scott made an appearance...check it out if you've got 42 minutes to spare!

Bye gang ... enjoy the life of success.  When I'm having a moment jammed down at work, I'll channel some Michael, Andy, Dwight, or one of the other interim Managers for the good old paper company!


  1. Right? RIGHT?! So great. Best. series. EVER.

    I'll admit, I cried. I just love them all so much :)


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