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Life's a Mess

Ever have one of those days when life is just a mess?

My bedroom is a mess of clothes left over from an amazing weekend away at the beach...

My living room is a mess with laundry that needs doing from the sheets and towels from the trip...

My kitchen is a mess from the dishes I just despise doing...

My sunroom is a mess from the air mattress and blankets that are still there (and even messier because the Time Warner Cable guy was here) from when my parents stayed this weekend...

My car is a mess with glitter from some fairy wings that got dumped on my from the youth conference I chaperoned a few week's ago...

My office is a mess from, well, just me being me and the fact that I'm moving offices later this week or early next...

My eating habits are a mess because I was away all weekend and ate out at every meal and now I have no source of protein in my fridge or freezer to cook with because I just went to the Farmer's Market instead of the actual store...

This all leads to (and is a result of) the fact that my spiritual life is a mess...

Last week I was listening to Lino and Fr. Rob on The Catholic Guy Show and again today on the podcast from last week regarding being in a Spiritual Funk.  I'm there.  I agree 1000% (yes one thousand, that wasn't a typo) with what Lino was saying.  When I'm not right with God, everything else is such a bother and irritant to me.  I need to focus - I've been working on this slowly over the past few weeks, but I need a kick in the pants to get moving!

So I'm going to make some small steps this week to change that situation.

Maybe if I get to cleaning up some of this mess in the rest of my life, it will help things fall into place spiritually!

check out some other prayerful reflections here at the catholic bloggers link-up.


  1. I know what you mean... When things are disorganized, it can be harder to focus on God and feel peaceful! Fortunately, it sounds like you have a lot of blessings in your live and things to be thankful for - time with family, a beach vacation, etc! Have a good week!


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