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7 Quick Takes Friday, April 19th

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A few of my favorite moments from the week are to follow!

- 1 - Watching this video produced by Dove brought tears to my eyes.

There have been so many articles and posts bashing Dove and this video and I'm floored by any negative response.  I realize they are doing this to sell dove beauty products - hello!  But a company who produces something that helps how women see themselves, is doing some great work in my mind.  One comment from this blog really struck me, no bothered me:
What you look like should not affect the choices that you make. It should certainly not affect the friends you make—the friends that wouldn’t want to be in relationship with you if you did not meet a certain physical standard are not the friends that you want to have. Go out for jobs that you want, that you’re passionate about. Don’t let how good looking you feel like you are affect the way way that you treat your children. 
I know my next sentence could be controversial and might seem demeaning to my own self - but what you think you look like does affect the choice you make, friends you have, relationships you're in, jobs you go after, way you treat others.  It does because if you think you're ugly and not worthy of great things, you won't go after those things.  When you think you are ugly and you don't recognize that you are beautiful because God created you, you don't have self-confidence required to go after great things.

Then at the end of the sketch, the blogger was talking about what about the people who look like the women on the left side, are they now considered ugly?  And I don't think that's the point at all.  I think it reflects how we describe our face as short and fat and someone else describes us as having a round face and dimples.  It's really our perception of ourselves that they are destroying.  You think you're ugly, but others just don't.

- 2 - This is my new desktop at work:

Keeping me focused on preparing for World Youth Day in Rio!  The Opening Mass, Papal Welcome Ceremony, and Stations of the Cross will be held here!  97 more days!!!

- 3 - Saw this picture of an old friend of mine on the set of Friends ... so cool!

p.s. Monica & Rachel were photoshopped in ;)

- 4 - This eCard inspired me the other day - completely describes my friends and I!

- 5 - Last Saturday, MG, Ajay, Alfonso, and I went to Crowder's Mountain for a hike and it was awesome!

3 hours, 5 miles, lots of laughs = an excellent time!

- 6 - MG, Julie, & I joined a kickball league in Uptown Charlotte.  We played our 2nd game this Thursday and won again!  I don't think I made a significant contribution to the game except the 7 or 10 pitches I took at one point to just get to first base and get out on the next pitch!

- 7 - Ran 3 days in the last 7 - two others included hiking, a walk, and a kickball game!  Go Fitness!

For more quick takes this week, head over to Grace at the Camp!


  1. I totally agree with your thoughts on the Dove we perceive ourselves has a direct impact on how we perceive the world! As much as this video in particular seemed to focus on how women think they look, it also has a lot to say about their self esteem and that TOTALLY affects our worldview.

    On another note, I'm completely jealous of your friends on the Friends set, as well as your hiking! Living in the flat midwest is no fun :)


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