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7 Quick Takes Friday, April 12th

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- 1 - Well, apparently I gave up blogging for the 2nd half of Lent and the first two weeks of Easter!  Not really, it mostly comes from the fact that I sit at a computer all day at work and don't really want to do the same when I get home at night.  Also, not sure I always have things to say - well, that's not true, if you know me, I always have things to say, it's just that sometimes no one really wants to hear it. 

- 2 - This week began super rough, not sure what the problem was.  I had a great evening on Sunday and then an awful meeting on Monday afternoon that led to a Wine & Chocolate Whining session at a friend's house. 

- 3 - I try to refrain from being any sort of political on facebook and the blog, but something has really gotten under my skin today.  Before Lent began, I saw on GMA about the Jodi Arias and the drama that is her.  Then on Monday morning of this week, when I started watching GMA in the morning again, there she was - STILL ON TRIAL!  She admitted to doing it, everyone knows she killed him, just give her a stinking sentence already.  Rule it self-defense and then put her in jail for wasting everyone's time these last few months with ridiculous!!!

But the only reason that's really under my skin is that this case with this Gosnell guy has NO attention! Only 1.4 Million Google results while Jodi's got 108 Million Results.  And honestly the results on Kermit the frog are mostly about why the media isn't covering it!  I know that almost half of our country is Pro-Choice (or whatever they are calling themselves these days) and it's uncomfortable to think about this especially with this argument going on, but REALLY? Just give it a slight headline, recognize that it's happening, that's all I want!!!

Okay, I'm done, fret no more!  It's safe to keep reading...

- 4 - Since Google Reader is being retired, I've had to move to another RSS feed like everyone in the world and I'm happy with BlogLovin' ... I like how you can scroll through without everything becoming unread and I also enjoy reading blogs on their actual websites instead of in the reader.  I enjoy seeing how others have formatted their sites and it's much easier to comment as well as to actually see the comments!  Feedly was quickly dismissed however...I can't even write of it!

- 5 - A constant struggle of mine is regarding my future marriage - as I'm sure you've been able to tell before.  This article over at The Veil really helped me put it in perspective the other day though!  Thanks Cindy, you're a great encouragement!

- 6 - I could not stop laughing when I saw this photo that father posted on his twitter account!  You will not be disappointed when you see it, I promise!  Be sure to click!  We took a better picture this morning and have removed the "I want to kill you" look from his face!

- 7 - Last night was our first KickBall Game.  It was a ton of fun and we even won!  The score was 10 to 2, and although I didn't score any runs, I did get a few kicks in and get past first base!  After some team bonding over great burgers and beer, we are ready for next week!

Thanks to Grace for hosting Quick Takes this week!  Praying for Jen and her newest little one!


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