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You Say You Like Snow...

There's this thing in the south that no one tells you about when you move here - people are OBSESSED with snow!  It's so weird, strange how they only see the happiness of it all and the horror and sadness that comes afterward.  Now, I might be being a tad bit over-dramatic, but read about what happened on this Saturday's snow.

It was a warm 55 degrees on Friday - I walked outside without a coat on even!  Saturday there was a threat of snow and when a few flakes came down in the morning mixed with rain the teens began the obligatory flip-out "It's SNOWING!"  Nothing even stuck to the coldest of areas on the ground.

Then in the afternoon it really did begin to snow - and it is pretty...wet, packing snow makes for a beautiful fall.  Check it out:

The kids were even able to have a snowball fight with Father Kauth before Mass...more pics...

After Mass they were even able to make a snow man, well, all things relative - a mini-snow man:

But no one thinks about what happens afterward.  Because it was 'snowing' - and as you can see from that picture it had almost melted only 1 hour after it had come down, our DRE cancelled all of the classes for Sunday.  A ridiculous move considering it was FINE - just cold, on Sunday.  And here's my last complaint regarding snow - when it's over, it's just plain COLD!

When you've grown up in a place that gets beautiful snow from Halloween to Christmas then just gets COLD from January through Easter, you begin to hate snow.  It's pretty on the day, but the day is filled with anticipation about all of the inconveniences, dirty looks, iceberg like yard ornaments that happen after for the NEXT THREE MONTHS!

It's not exciting when you have to shovel, snow-blow, chip away at ice for days and weeks after the first pretty fall.  Over Christmas it snowed almost 30 inches over the course of 2 days and my dad had to snow-blow the driveway three times each day it snowed!  THREE TIMES!  That's the crazy part no one down her knows about.

So please - you can be excited, that's fine - but I'm not...and won't be until I can forget all of those cold memories.  For years I can remember weeks upon weeks where we were excited, super EXCITED when it was in the double digits - NOT above freezing, just when it was going to be a high of 11 degrees!  11 DEGREES, Farenheight people, not Celcius!  That's not warm, people - but when it's below freezing for months and below 0 for more than a week - you begin to despise the cold.  So don't make me be excited, and don't be upset that I'm not sharing in your joy - I just like summer, I really like the warmer months - it's no crime, someone has to like the summer!

what the morning after looks like from the car!


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