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7 Quick Takes Friday, February 15th

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- 1 - Just saw some AWESOME news (relative to Television anyway)...One of my absolute favorite shows from childhood was Boy Meets World.  So much so, that last year, I watched almost the entire series in 20 minute increments while waiting for Ashelyn to get ready in the morning before taking her to school.  NOW, I see a post of Facebook from one of my teens that they are producing a sequel!  Yes, you read me right - Girl Meets World and she will be The Matthews' daughter.  Already on the cast are the goofy, adorable couple themselves, Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel happily reprising their roles as Cory and Topanga. (according to this article)

Can't wait to watch this and see if their 'happily ever after' lived up to the standards in my mind!

- 2- Writing of TV, I watched Bones on Monday night and fell in love even more with Booth!  I know, he's married in real life and even in a fully committed relationship on the show.  I am inspired by their relationship.  I realize that it is written for TV, isn't a real-life HOWEVER, I find it promising that the writers are portraying a healthy relationship.  A few weeks ago when they were re-doing their Last Will & Testaments, booth had a really heartfelt moment at the end of the show.  And then this week with Bones almost dying (sorry for a spoiler) I can see how they may actually be on the path toward marriage.  Check it out!

- 3 - In other news, (which I'm sure you've heard) the Pope Resigned.  Our own Father Kauth even spoke on the subject on the local news.  I'm not sure my feelings on the subject, so I'm just going to stick to the facts - he resigned. 

- 4 - Tonight is my last event with the Youth Ministry program here at the parish.  I'm a little sad and a little relieved to be perfectly honest.  Not sure what will come of it!

- 5 - I've always thought of going to the Chiropractor and this week I began some treatment on my neck and lower spine.  I'm eager to see the results.

- 6 - In a quest to meet more people and 'get myself out there' (words of my Spiritual Director), MG and I joined a Kick-Ball League.  It should be begins at the end of March.  Maybe our new friends or future husbands also have an interest in a game of ball that you kick!

- 7 - Nothing much else, glad the week is over.  It had a rough beginning and I think it will be ending a little early today.  I need to do some laundry and also to pack for our overnight famine tonight.  See you later!  Maybe Monday, it is a day off and since my Lenten Fast doesn't include TV, I've got a lot of freed-up time!


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