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The World is Ending!

I tend to be an All or Nothing kind of girl.  A few examples to illustrate...

~ I've had a headache almost every day for a week - I must have a brain tumor.

~ A first date means we're getting married.

~ No boyfriend means I'll be single my entire life.

~ I gained two pounds, I haven't gotten any healthier at all.

~ A small fight with a friend - we'll never speak again.

~ A parent hates our program, everyone thinks I suck at ministry.

~ I have a dry moment of prayer, the Lord has forgotten about me and I'll never make it to sainthood in Heaven!

And I could go on and on and on... forever!

I have a tendency for the over dramatic - and if you know me, you're probably thinking, "Katie, how long did it take you to see that?  Have you heard of that river in Egypt, de-Nile?"  Yeah, I know I can be a little over dramatic.  This does have it's benefits.  I'm certain you're asking what they can be.

1. When I make a decision to change something, I dive in head first and don't look back.
2. It provides motivation for exercising or dedicating my life to faith.
3. I have dedication to hobbies - like painting pottery, making crafts, or cooking.

As for more reasons, I can't really come up with any right now.

I was thinking about this while reading on the couch this afternoon with a headache - and I took some tylenol and after about 5 minutes I still had a headache and immediately concluded that I in fact had a brain tumor.  Which when my headache faded about 15 minutes later, I came to my senses and realized that was ridiculous.  Last week I had a pain in my side for some of the evening and couldn't help but think that I either had an infected appendix, an ovarian cyst, cancer, or worse.

I'm sure you're thinking (if you've even read this far after listening to my ridiculousness) that I am one strange gal.  Maybe all of these thoughts are actually from some sort of brain tumor or damage that happened as a small child.

Even though this seems a little dramatic and maybe something that needs to be reigned in, I think it can be considered a positive attribute when it comes to the faith, a future relationship, and my career.  I don't get into anything half-heartedly.  I dive in and try to commit myself to whatever decision I make.

This is what is required to make a decision about faith, love, life, etc...  Everyone thinks that love is about a feeling, romantic notions, and being just happy, but that's only one small portion of it.  It's nice when love has all of those attributes, but real love doesn't need those items to be really love.  Love is a decision to sacrifice for the other.  Love that leads to marriage has those attributes, love for friends has some of them as well - but real love for another is this:

It's not pretty, but it's worth it.  This kind of love is like nothing this world can offer.  We can only borrow this experience from Heaven.  To truly love is to be like Christ - and without Christ we cannot love at all.  Without Sacrifice, love is a lie - it's a relationship where we only take from others and it's what we call the vice of lust.  Using others (romantically, a friendship, or someone we don't know) is living that vice of lust instead of the virtue of charity.

So today, I will try to live out the virtue of charity with abandonment!  Diving in head first and not looking back!


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