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7 Quick Takes Friday, January 25th

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- 1 -'s supposed to snow tonight. We will see if that is more than a super light dusting of maybe 2 mm of snow! Everything will probably be canceled because everyone freaks out. Only time will tell!

WAS what I wrote last week ... and the same still applies!  Nothing came of last week's info, but of this week - only a funny facebook exchange...check it out!

Basically, everyone argues about what's okay to be scared by and then makes excuses for the south.  Just because we don't have it 'all the time' - we have enough for you to learn! And that is that!

- 2 - Tonight we are going to Upstream for Charlotte's Restaurant Week and I'm super excited!  I already know what I'm going to have (only because there are only 3 options and we picked it based on the menu).  I'll let you know how delicious it is!  Last Restaurant Week we went to BLT Steak and it was amazing!

- 3 - This week I've been SO tired at night!  I was able to work out 3 of 4 days so far, so that's been nice, but all I want to do is sleep!  Hopefully a large kick-butt full of energy kicks in soon!

- 4 - CPI was at work on Thursday to fix something (again) and the guy was telling me that I should be a CPI sales woman ... maybe I can be an Office Manager there when I retire from Church work.  I told this tech guy that I have connections in every department: Ferris, Pat, Alex, & Shannon in Tech Support, Jim & Scott in Sales, George in Quality Control, & Patricia in Monitoring.  I'm almost ready to take over the Charlotte Division.  I told Shannon, I would be using him as a reference for a future application so he should be sure to mention me!  HAHA!

- 5 - I've also been experimenting in the food department lately!  Check out these creations (and I don't even have a pic of the one from tonight since I was too hungry to pause for even a second)!

Brie, Bacon, & Fig Jam Grilled Cheese 
Spinach, Mushroom Cheese Pizza on a Waffle Crust
(crust made in waffle maker with pizza dough, not a waffle batter crust)

Cinnamon Roll Waffles (again just cinnamon rolls
from the can cooked in the waffle maker)

Pasta with Spinach, Chicken, Mushrooms, & Laughing Cow Cream Sauce
- 6 - I also have fallen in love with this Podcast!  You should definitely check it out, you won't be disappointed!  All of the How Stuff Works stuff has been great so far - I learned some interesting things about Fracking that I never knew!  And if you can't listen to the podcast, read about it!

- 7 - Well, that's about it - I think there was going to be more, but honestly, I can't remember it!  So that's all she wrote - find more with Jen & friends over at!

- 8 - Oh, I remember!  I asked a co-worked to pray for a special intention on Wednesday afternoon before leaving and when I arrived on Thursday morning, the answer was CLEAR and the Lord allowed things in my favor!  Praise the Lord!  Life is good!


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