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NAS :: Love Stories

What is your favorite love story? How did your favorite real-life couple meet? Which fictional love stories (from books, movies, plays, or songs) make your heart soar? What’s your favorite love story from the Bible?

I know it's Saturday and I'm writing for our Tuesday post ... but hey, it's my blog and I can do what I want! I'm sure Lindsay won't mind that I'm linking up late. Check out the other Love Story roundups over at the Lovely Lindsay's!

I'm a romantic comedy junkie. I love when everything turns out great in the end and the good guy and the good girl get together and live happily ever after. I know that most of the time (ie: ALL of the time) that's not real life. There's no hard work put in after marriage - sometimes, the movie ends when they finally have a first kiss - think You've Got Mail (with two of the most beautiful people :: Tom & Meg). But I still love them.

My favorite Rom-Com of all time is Yours, Mine, & Ours- the ORIGINAL y'all .... with Lucille Ball! The new one is NOTHING in comparison!!!

I also love tv shows that follow a couple's love story and my absolute favorite is Bones. Brennan and Booth are just lovely together and go through real life. I love watching them together and seeing how they write for them to interact. I feel like I know these people - and truly I do - it's just that they don't really exist!

I think that Love is just lovely - and the romantic part is having companionship for a lifetime. There are so many amazing love stories all around me, which is what gives me hope that there's something for me in the future. If some flawed human beings can write the amazing stories that I love on TV and in movies - then, the Lord of Heaven and Creator of the Earth can write me a love story that will catch me by surprise and be more than I could have ever hoped for! I have faith that he will bring me a Joseph like he did Mary who will help us accomplish his mission on this earth and unite us with Him in His Heavenly Kingdom!


  1. I love Yours, Mine & Ours! I saw it with my mom when I was little and I still remember it! I thought the new one was lame, too. Have you read the book about their family? It's called Who Gets the Drumstick?

    I love Booth and Bones, too! Booth did have a habit of having kids with women he wasn't married to, though. That was troubling, especially since he's one of the few Catholic characters on TV right now.


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