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7 Quick Takes Friday ... er, Sunday, February 15th

Well Hello there Quick Takes from Friday but now on Sunday! A day late and a dollar short I am this week, but still wanted to post as I feel like much has been happening around these parts! So here's to living the Friday dream on a cold Sunday morning!

This week we finished our sixth week of a Living your Strengths small group in which I was participating. (if you're new to the LYS idea, check out this parish's explanation) I don't think I wrote about that, but it was really interesting the first couple of weeks, and the final few weeks felt like we were saying the same things over and over again. I have a natural talent for this that I'm acquiring skills in to turn into a greater strength. I've known my top five since the first year I worked at Saint Mark (my previous parish and job) when we were all required to take the test before a staff retreat. I am (in order): Input, Connectedness, Belief, Arranger, Achiever. To quickly explain each:

  • Input: a collector of ideas or things, someone who strives to know a little about a lot.
  • Connectedness: see how all people, things, and events intertwine with one another.
  • Belief: a core set of values and beliefs that one lives by in all situations.
  • Arranger: an organizer who can make complicated systems simpler.
  • Achiever: someone who needs to accomplish something every day.
I can see all of these themes in my daily life, in the work I do today, and in how I operate. Joining the group was more of a way to meet more people, strengthen relationships with those I know only as acquaintances, and see where I am being called to serve next. There was one activity in the third week, the Mirroring Activity, that was especially fruitful. You were to find two people, tell them about your top five themes of talent, and then have them relate back to you how they see it in you. I asked a friend, Lisa, who is the person in Charlotte I've known the longest - she was very insightful. I also chose someone I work with regularly who knows me very well, again it was insightful. She could also see, very clearly, the areas where the talent shines forth its negative side. Not as happy, but still pretty helpful.

All in all, I'm glad I participated in the group and happy it's over!

After a hot headed parishioner called to complain about a myriad of things earlier this week and the conversation that followed from the staff, I decided that I should start writing about my personal faith journey and experience with Latin, traditional things, and the extraordinary form. I think I have a unique perspective that is not entirely intellectual, but personal. So I stared by planning to write one post about it, and it got super long, so I have broken it up into a six to eight week series. I'm excited to share with you and also hear feedback. So if you missed it this week, check out the first in the Latin & Me series over here. If there are things I don't talk about and you want to know if I experienced them, just let me know, I'm pretty eager to share about this idea these days!

I wrote last week all about my Whole30 experience and the results. This week has been pretty good with some more integration, but taking it slow as I'm finding that dairy really affects me, like a lot, like waking up to a serious stomach ache in the middle of the night last night. I think this was the culprit - the delicious flan that Sr. Edeva made for me this week!

So sad I won't be able to have the rest of our dessert from last night this afternoon! I really don't want to have another terrible stomach ache!

Yesterday was Valentine's Day, of course, and I got to spend it over with the Beek's! I volunteered by baby sitting services (happy new year's resolution) so they could have a date night, or as it turned out a date day out and they were so sweet. I went home with all kinds of VDay loot!!!

Such beautiful flowers for my kitchen!!

Then in the evening MG and I tried our hand at making homemade sushi again!

We learned a lot last time an this adventure was even more delicious! Nice to be able to hang out with such a great friend!!

And this week begins the typically dreaded season of Lent! I haven't fully decided on my Lenten Penance regarding fasting - but do know what I'm going to do for prayer. On my 25 things for the next 25 years list I made when turning 25, I wrote how I wanted to read the entire Bible, so I found a plan that breaks up the year with 3 readings each day (OT, psalm/proverb, NT) and even adds in the catechism. I'm planning to begin on Wednesday and then continue through the entire year - and with potential skip days, conclude next Easter! So big spiritual task, here I come!

For more Quickity, Quick Takes, check out the gang with Kelly over at This Ain't the Lyceum!
See you next week, or stop by this week for more musings and antics!


  1. I've always wanted to read the entire bible but the task seems so daunting I never do anything about it! I need to find a guide of some sort.

    That sushi looks delicious! My sisters husband made homemade sushi once and it sounded really complicated.

    1. The sushi is actually easier than you'd think - not as easy as making a bowl of rice and throwing the ingredients on top, but still quite easy!

      And here's the link I found for the bible reading:


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