Friday, September 27, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday, September 27th

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1. Well, I downloaded the new iOS 7 onto my iPhone 4S - and I'm so glad I did!  I really like the new features especially in the camera and the notification center (both the top one and the bottom one).  I like it most especially because I feel like I got a brand new phone without paying anything - except the 4 hours it took me to update last Wednesday!  The price I paid to have it on the day it came out!

2. Roommate and I have participated in two book clubs in the last two weeks and I'm not sure what I think.  I've been trying since I met MG to start a book club, but I can't get anyone who's willing to read the same kinds of books I want to read and have the same regularity of meetings I want.  I've tried restructuring my wants - and I'm still coming up empty handed.  Anyone participate in one or begin one who's willing to offer some advice or encouragement? 

3. Roommate and I have also been watching Downton Abbey, which I realize we are about 3 years behind - but we are on episode 6 of Season 3.  I won't reveal anything, but seriously, y'all have probably already watched it and there would be no spoilers.  But the last episode we watched was very sad - and I'm eager to see how the writers help them deal with the doctor's decisions.  How does one make the best decision for themselves in the case of childbirth?  What's best when and where should you give birth?  All questions women have completely different answers to - I have my own answers, even though I don't have a husband, engagement  boyfriend, or even a date.

4. Jackie Francois Angel is coming to Huntersville this weekend and I'm very excited to hear her speak on Sunday evening!  Almost got to go to dinner, but flights, schedules, and paths are not crossing, unfortunately!

5. Roommate went to New York City with me last weekend and drove the long way home with me on Sunday!  So grateful for a great trip and an excellent car ride companion!  She's a natural born DJ!

6. Lino's book Saint is cracking me up.  I'm only 4 chapters in, but am trying to read slowly to savor the moments.  I was listening to his interview on the Busted Halo Show this afternoon (a rare listen for me) and he was discussing the first chapter.  This one claims that he desires to be the Patron Saint of Kissing when he's canonized.  Well, Lino - this girl needs some convincing ... when you coming to Charlotte?

7. Weekend plans to see baby beek!  I'm so psyched!  Little Silas is almost 2 months old and I can't wait to hold the precious child!  And additionally to see Emma, Thaddeus, Xavier, and Lucy will be such a treat this weekend!  YEAH for friends with kids who like to cuddle with me (the kids not the friends)!

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  1. I read Sinner and I am looking forward to reading Saint as well.