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7 Quick Takes Friday, September 13th

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1. Pope Francis lays it all out there.  What is Gossip?
“A Christian murderer…. It’s not me saying this, it’s the Lord. And there is no place for nuances. If you speak ill of your brother, you kill your brother. And every time we do this, we are imitating that gesture of Caine, the first murderer in History”  (source)
Well, there you go.  Get thee to the confessional!

2. The aftermath of the accident is still coming.  Regular adjustments are helping, but there's till pain in my neck - and I'm still nervous driving.  I went to the doctor on Wednesday and my blood pressure was up.  After driving yesterday afternoon I know why - it's because I'm super nervous driving and after going 30 minutes in lots of traffic, I had worked myself up so much.  So here's to some calm driving in my future...hopefully!

3. There seems to be SO much work that needs to be completed this week at work.  I've been changing hats faster than a ... well, I don't know - I have no analogy!  Every time I fix a problem, it seems to come back again stronger a few hours later.  Hopefully today goes smoothly - it should since most of the office is at the Eucharistic Congress Volunteer luncheon all very quiet!

4. I have a tendency to be indecisive.  If you read this post, then you got a big dose of it all at one time.  I have made a decision though, I'm flying next week to New York to pick up Nate's old car, which he is selling to me for a nice price.  It helps me to accomplish my #1 and #2 goals: safety and financial independence (ie: being out of debt).  Can't wait - roommate and I are making a road trip out of it!

5.  Happy Friday the 13th as well! And Happy Half-Birthday to me!  6 months until the first time I turn 29 (haha)!  Tonight is our 5th installment of the Fatima Processions and I am eager to attend.  This has been such a great devotion to add to our parish family.  We pray the rosary, sing, process around the campus with our lady, and offer our intentions for prayer.  The pictures are just beautiful so I will share a few with you today.

6. Today is the 6 month Anniversary of Pope Francis' election.  An article says this - and I fully agree!
Asked for his assessment of the Pope’s first six months in office, Monsignor Kennedy says he agrees with those who call Francis “the Pope of surprises” and says many people feel “on the personal level a great sense of connection” with him. He says people relate to the Pope’s many spontaneous gestures like “picking up the phone” to talk to ordinary people, “getting out of the papal jeep” to reach out to people at his general audience. “They love his simplicity and they’re uplifted by the initiatives he’s taking.”

At the same time, Monsignor Kennedy points out that it’s clear that Pope Francis knows where he’s going. “You can see that he’s a man with a vision, he’s a man who has plans for the Church…. His plans for further reforms of the Church. ” He goes on to say the Pope also “has a message for the whole world” and “it’s not only Catholics who have an opinion of him.”  (
7.  Have a great weekend!  I'll be spending mine at the Eucharistic Congress and then maybe watching a lot of Downton Abbey (on episode 4 of Season2 - and loving it) on Sunday morning before Mass (at 5) and Confirmation III classes!  See you next week!

For more quick takes, head on over and see Jen and Friends at Conversion Diary! 


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