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Making One's Own Soap - sort of!

We had this idea for the favor that seemed a little crazy, but hey - that's really what we're after for shower stuff!  We purchased a cute duck mold to make yellow chocolates for cupcake toppers.  And we decided to make soap ducks as well!

How does one make their own soap, you ask?  Well, here's how:

1.  You will need a glass pyrex bowl, soup spoon, and knife to cut the soap.

2. Next purchase some soap - I chose the Shea Butter soap (which I couldn't get the picture to turn around, so sorry - turn your phone, tablet, or computer over!  This 32oz size ended up making 50 little soaps for us!

3.  You'll need some dye (the two colored bottles) and a fragrance (the unknown item).

4. And a mold - Hobby Lobby had all kinds of molds, but we were set on the duckies!

5. This mold took 6oz of soap, which were 6 little cubes for us, so we cut them up and put them into the glass bowl to prepare for...

6. 40 seconds in the microwave - be sure not to put the spoon in there!

7.  It'll start to melt like this.

8. Put it in again in 10 second intervals until it's smooth like the next one.

9. Add in the dye and the fragrance.

10. Stir and Stir

11. Until it looks like this!

12. Then it's time to work quickly before you have soap in the shape of a bowl!  We used the spoon to scoop it into the mold, getting rid of the extra stuff on the sides is not a problem later, so don't worry about being super neat!  And since the mold was silicon (which I would recommend) we needed a hard base on the bottom - that's what the cake pan.

13. Place in freezer for at least 1 hour.  Like our stock pile of chicken?  Thank You Harris Teeter for Buy 2 Get 3 free sales!

14.  Then pop them out - and clean them up!

15.  And you'll have a ton of little soaps!  We did have a few shades of colors, but that's because I didn't measure the dye because I was too lazy to count tiny drops (and we didn't realize they had an easy pour spout until the second set!).

16.  Go Get Clean!


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