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When Bad Things Happen...

Saw this post as I was trying to get my bloglovin' feed back down to 0 ... or -1 like it was last week!

How sweet was that?  Super caught up - today we're at 60!  Oh, how these blogs I follow love to write - and, let's be serious, I love to read 'em!

Anyway, Mary Is My Homegirl posted this and I cannot help but re-post it in it's entirety because it is just what I feel many times throughout the day, week, months, years...well you get the point:

When Bad Things Happen

Step one of getting out of a “The Lord and I have an understanding” spiritual mentality: recognizing that you have a problem. And moving forward with the knowledge that a relationship with God which encompasses more than a tit-for-tat spiritual bargain is far more fulfilling and far less anxiety-producing when things (eventually, inevitably) go wrong. Because God does not instantly reward good behavior and God does not mercilessly punish sin. God does not send natural disasters to sinners and does not determine outcomes of championship games or presidential elections according to merits and demerits. God is not a cold, distant arbiter of divine judgment. God is not karma. God is love: love without limit and without hesitation, love distributed with incomprehensible generosity, love offered again and again and for always. Imagine what a relationship with that God, rather than the stingy, fickle gods of our imaginings, would be like.

Thanks for the great post my virtual friend ... check out more laughs and inspirations from her tumblr here!

Off to a workshop for work to learn about a lot of things I don't think really affect me and if they do, I'm not certain I'm willing to learn!  Hopefully there is some super useful information accompanying that other junk!


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