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7 Quick Takes Friday - September 28th

--- 1 ---

If I could tell you the one thing I absolutely hate, it would be confrontation.  I dislike when people are upset with me or dissatisfied with a decision that I made - and I will almost always do whatever it takes to make them happy.  However, this week I went face to face, head to head with a volunteer about her continued involvement with our programming.  The answer ended up being no because of her thoughts about some of the Church's teachings (basically that someday the Church will catch up with the culture and she is a more progressive thinker because she can see people's needs and respond to them - the Church doesn't though) specifically regarding homosexuality and gay marriage.

--- 2 ---

Last Saturday I took our middle and high school students to the Diocesan Eucharistic Congress.  In the morning after the procession I had the kids explore the vendors and take tons of photos with the nuns, priests, interesting booths, and even the Pope!!!

--- 3 ---

Later, during the Teen Track we had a great time!  Check out this photo that the Catholic News Herald snapped!

--- 4 ---

This Summer I spent some serious time watching The Office - to catch up on the last 8 years!  I finished about 18 hours after Season 9, Episode 1 began - but today I got caught up again and really enjoy the antics of Jim, Pam, Dwight, Andy, Erin and the gang!  I'm looking forward to finally jumping up on this wagon 8 years later than the rest of the world!  Although I can only enjoy it for 1 year since it's not just the 9th season, it's the Final Season!

--- 5 ---

MG and I have been playing some Skip-Bo!  It's such a great game from my childhood!

Wanna know how to play?

--- 6 ---

Tomorrow Mer & I are taking both of our youth groups on a hike where we're gonna have Mass & Dinner at the top of the mountain!  I'm pretty excited for the trip - just a few kids are going, but there a really fun bunch so it should be a good time!  Also we aren't leaving until the afternoon so we don't have to take up early!!!  YEAH!

--- 7 ---

I was super glad the new seasons of TV began this week - I've enjoyed seeing new episodes of How I Met Your Mother, 2Broke Girls, The Middle, Up All Night, Go On, Guys With Kids, and a few others!  It helps to fill some of those free moments in this youth minister's life!

PLUS - My run's in just 4 weeks!!!  Oh and I think I'm getting an iPhone this week! ... more next week :)

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