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7 Quick Takes Friday - September 21st

--- 1 ---

Was SUPER excited to see Matt Maher in concert, yeah - that's right - in person!  3rd row! At a Protestant Church in Charlotte, WHAT?!  During the 'talk portion' of the night, Matt sat down with the pastor and they discussed some of the differences and misconceptions people have about the Catholic Church in general - not really specific teachings that we are different on, but the things that we are on the same page with - ie: the CREED!  We were all pretty psyched to meet him afterward too!

--- 2 ---

Santa Fe Chicken in the Crock Pot = the dinner I'm making for myself and MG tomorrow for our dinner in!  With one exception - NO BEANS! Yuck!

--- 3 ---

She doesn't know it yet, but I'm thinking we might play...

OR maybe...

LOTS of fun will be had!

--- 4 ---

In the last 2 1/2 months, 4 people have left my place of work!  The preschool director's husband got a new job in Tennessee, so she left in the beginning of July.  The music director got a better job in another parish in South Charlotte, his last day in the office was August 1st.  Now, the business administrative assistant got a new job, that she's been really hoping for, in Wilmington, DE, and is leaving on Tuesday (last day is today)! Finally, our facilities manager got a job in new home construction and his last day is next Thursday!  Goodness - we've got almost an entirely new staff beginning!

--- 5 ---

My Blog-Resolution - well, I failed pretty much.  I've been faithful to at least this weekly post (mostly because it provides a platform for exposing my blog around), but even last week I couldn't muster up the energy to do a post and then I slept over MG's house on Friday after Theology on the Vine (see take #6) so there was no hope at the end of the day.  I'm really going to start being more active so I can feel like I accomplished something this year on my Bucket List (or more realistically my things to do before 50 list).

--- 6 ---

Theology on the Vine is Fr. Miller's take on the Theology on Tap program so popular around the country.  OR even more simply put, Fr. Pat's original Going Deeper session he did at St. Mark with the High School Youth each week - a question/answer format of discussion.  No one knows the topic for the week because none is actually set and the people there direct the discussion.  So, MG and I have been 3 times now to check it out and it's been pretty great actually.  Meeting new people, having some good theological discussions, and exploring our city a little bit.  None this week because of the Eucharistic Congress (see take #7) so we'll go back next week.  Then in two weeks we have dinner plans with one of the girls from the group (yeah, a new friend) before heading downtown - excited about going to Passage to India for dinner...although I'm not sure exactly how to eat there without Meredith, so hope that goes well!

--- 7 ---

The 8th Annual Eucharistic Congress is tomorrow!  I have 26 teens (MS & HS) attending and I'm excited to have a large group!  Both the Middle & High school tracks look good and even the speakers for the Main Track look pretty interesting this year.  I'm not going tonight, but I think that will be okay - except for when I mentioned in the office and some people were SHOCKED that I wouldn't attend such a great event...I think a day off is even more important so I'M TAKING ONE!!!

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