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7, no 8 -Cute Quick Takes Friday - August 3rd

Thanks to Jen for hosting!!!  Love sharing with y'all each week!

--- 1 ---
Missionaries of Charity - these sisters are amazing!  They have such a beautiful love for the Lord and are amazing servants!  Truly inspiring how they take on 120 children who need somewhere to go in the middle of the day and teach them about Jesus.  We go on field trips too!
not our particular sisters, but from Charlotte a few years ago!
--- 2 ---
My teens are awesome!  They spent the whole week helping these women care for the children!  Take a look at this crew!

--- 3 ---
Then, we had some jams to sing along to in the car!  Some of the boys rocking out :)


--- 4 ---
Also, the coolest thing I saw last week!  It's a mustache bracelet - who knew you needed a mustache on your wrist, but I TOTALLY do!!!
cutest little bracelet!
--- 5 ---
New pastor arrives today at my parish - not sure my full opinion yet, but we'll see.  I'm a little anxious!

--- 6 ---
Tonight was so excited to see MG and Mer for dinner.  Good conversation (for the most part), good food (thanks to Bento :) ), and an okay movie after (friends with kids - not so awesome, wouldn't recommend).

--- 7 ---
Been thinking a LOT about the...
The Youth Ministry Numbers Game:

THIS is the real problem! (motivated and lifting up youth ministers)  In youth ministry you need to be self-motivated, a big picture planner, attractive to teens (in content and in person), and above all of that - able to 'toot your own horn' so to speak.  Encouragement needs to come from within because it sure doesn't come often from without.  Most of the time, people are asking how many teens attended that event; where are all the kids; or other frustrating to answer questions.  I feel like I have to make excuses for myself repeatedly whenever people ask how many teens attend.  They don't see what I see - amazing kids who could be anywhere else in the world and they choose to be here.

Whenever I begin to feel bad about myself or my numbers, my friends lift me up - tell me that I'm not the reason why teens aren't attending.  There are other mitigating circumstances - they had a bad experience once a long time ago, they don't have the time, their parents won't bring them, etc...  It's not my fault.  But when I hear about their churches, the youth minister's not doing enough, the youth minister has missed many opportunities, the youth minister isn't attractive enough, the youth minister can't sing or play guitar, the youth minister isn't planning enough activities, etc...

Why is it the parent's fault at my parish, but the youth minister's fault at every other parish?
How am I so unique?

--- 8 ---

PLUS - a little bonus, my, like, totally awesome flash back to the 80s Tie Dye T-Shirt we made for our Middle School Lock-In!

LOVE it! definitely a child of the 80s!

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