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7 Quick Takes Friday, October 5th

--- 1 ---

I had an amazing workout this morning at the gym!  After getting Ashelyn to school, I went off to Mass and was dragging my feet about going to the gym because I was exhausted!  However, when I got there I decided to do the circuit with 3 sets of 15, added a few abductor, adductor and a 2 sets of 4 ab machines.  AND THEN, I had a burst of energy and did the treadmill for 18 minutes with a 12 minute mile!!!  Feeling great about this accomplishment today!  Thanks Planet Fitness - here's a Pat on the Back for myself!

--- 2 ---

Now that I've so gracefully boasted and bragged about my fitness accomplishment - I'll talk about humility and pride (cause that's just how I roll).  I'm in a small faith community where we are studying this book...

and I'm facilitating the discussion next week (Week #3) on the vice of Pride and the virtue of Humility.  Not sure exactly what I'm going to talk about specifically, but I'm going to conclude with this song by my fav man - Matt Maher.

--- 3 ---

Our youth programs are going pretty well, kinda great even some times at the Church.  There are a lot of middle school kids who are coming each week - a few weeks we've got 30 teens attending!  High School youth are doing great - we're serving at the Women's Shelter next weekend and I've been working on getting supplies - as of Wednesday we were going to have cake mix topped with sour cream, cheddar cheese, & a garnish of ground beef!  We're well on our way to Tacos, Beans, & Cupcakes!

--- 4 ---

This week has been/will be filled with awesome friend events!  Last night MG & I had dinner at family's house from my last Church - it was delicious - a Rachael Ray Recipe!

Check it out here!
--- 5 ---

Also, on Monday I finally upgraded my phone!!!  I was super excited and am still in love with this new device and my extra large Data Plan (ie: the lowest available, but from 150MB to 2GB)!  Loving my new iPhone 4S!!!

--- 6 ---

Tonight the friend birgade is headed over to Passage to India for some great food before going down to St. Patrick's for Theology on the Vine.  We skipped last week, so I hope this week goes well.  I've been trying to figure out some extra exciting questions to propose!  Hopefully dinner looks delicious like this or even better!

--- 7 ---

Well, that's all for now!  Catching up on some Hulu shows, getting ready at work for the Fall Festival tomorrow, preparing for the Mystery Dinner Theater tomorrow evening, and much more!!!  See you later!

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