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7 Quick Takes Friday, October 12th

--- 1 ---

Humility has kicked me in the butt these past few days!  For our small group on Tuesday evenings I was facilitating our group on a discussion about vice of pride and the virtue of humility.  And then, I got a swift kick to help with my own humility.  It's something I shouldn't be frustrated about, but I am.  It's this idea that I had one time that NO ONE wanted to do - and now that someone else suggested it, they are all super excited.  What's up with that?!

--- 2 ---

IT has become the newest hat that I have to wear at work.  I was asked to set up someone's new computer with their email in Outlook and the Parish Data System (where I have to call PDS to get it all set up).  When did this start falling under the category of Youth Minister?  Not that these tasks are in some way beneath me just that they are in no way my job.  It's almost like someone doesn't think I have enough work to do!

--- 3 ---

Speaking of work, we are cooking ground beef, cutting veggies, and making cupcakes (with homemade frosting) to serve for dinner at the Women's Shelter on Saturday night.  Apparently giving up two nights of my weekend is expected (well, 3 nights really including Sunday).  I need more work on Friday afternoon setting up a computer that I will never even use!

--- 4 ---

Lino Rulli is my future husband - I believe...and I say this because I've been listening to The Catholic Guy Show Podcast this week - for a few weeks past.  It's been a huge help to me getting my work done (actually I'm listening right now to an episode from April) as I listen on my new iPhone while it sits in a coffee mug (that amplifies the sound)!!!

Just a sneak peek into what some of my future children will resemble!

--- 5 ---

To continue that discuss - future husband: I decided that this is the Lord's Plan for me!  Well, maybe not, but a girl can dream, can't she?!

--- 6 ---

What is my future Mister discussing now?
The discussion of the episode that I'm listening to right now!

--- 7 ---

The race is in just 16 days!  Tomorrow I'm going to run again on the treadmill - hoping that it goes awesomely so I'm not embarrassed by this terrible feat!

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  1. Keep waiting on God's timing. I know it's not easy but He seems to have this knack of giving you what you need, and I found that what I needed to get on with life through my early 20s was to surrender to His plan and trust that it was right for me NOW.

  2. Lino is the best! And yes, it annoys the heck out of me when I am asked to help people with computer stuff. At least where I taught, it was assumed that all the younger teachers were whizzes and were expected to help the oldr teachers (who never even tried to learn!). So frustrating. Have a great weekend and share that love at the shelter.


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