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NAS: Looking Into 2015

How are we going to make 2015 different than last year? What goals are you planning/making to be more YOU this year? These can be goals can be personal growth, spiritual life, physical/health, or even your love life! Maybe you don't have concrete ones yet, but it helps to talk them out and get motivated!

Well I don't have a ton of concrete 2015 goals and also feel like I've already discussed them on this little blog a few times (here and here), but not explicitly so I will outline a few things.

1. I want to make a greater effort in deepening my friendships.  Sometimes I can get kind of lazy in friendships and don't make a good effort in keeping in touch, getting together often, or sharing important things - keeping good friendships closer to the surface rather than revealing myself.  To help achieve this goal we are beginning First Saturday Dinners - a time for us all (ladies, spouses, and kiddos) to get together, catch up on the past month, enjoy some good food, and become better friends.

2. I want to eat better.  Not a fad diet (although I feel like that's what I've embarked on a little bit this January), but overall less processed food, minimum sugar (yes desserts but also processed sugar), and more well-rounded.  I'm on Day 9 of my first Whole30 and I feel great.  I haven't decided yet how I will integrate the Whole30 principals back into my regular diet, but cannot see myself going completely paleo.  If I'm hungry for a pancake, I'm going to eat a pancake, not an alternative version.  If you want to follow along with my journey of dinners, hop on over to Instagram!

3. I had two things on my list to accomplish before I turn 30 in just 2 months (literally from today) and I did one of them today!  First on the list was to buy new undergarments - my socks are pretty great, but the other garments all need to be replaced.  With today's order to Hanes that is being accomplished.  They will arrive in 2 to 3 days!  Second on the list is to replace a pair of brown clogs I have that are literally falling apart.  The soles are still in good condition, but the top fake leather is peeling off and makes them look just awful.  I think I've picked out my new pair though - so next month I will bite the bullet and embrace my new shoes!

4. Spiritually and in my "Love Life" (whatever that actually is) I want to trust more.  Trust more in the Lord, in the process, embrace the journey - all of those sort of cliche things, but true things.  I want to pray like I really believe God is answering, and recognizing how He is answering my prayers.  We will see how that goes...

Well that's it for me, check out Morgan's for more 2015 ideas from all the ladies and Jen for next week!  


  1. I've been following your Whole30 journey and it is very enticing. While I can't see myself giving up dairy those meals look yummy enough to add them to my life.

    1. It is difficult to be without dairy, grains, and sugar, but I won't be continuing that forever. Hopefully the 'no sugar' thing stays, but I will be adding half and half back into my morning coffee!!!

  2. Happy to be considered a spouse:-). And a friend

    1. grateful to count you as a friend!


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