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7 Quick Takes Friday - June 29th

Putting together these quick takes is going to be an interesting feat for me this week.

--- 1 ---

Although I am a single gal without children, I feel overwhelmed by working and having a personal life.  I cannot comprehend what it would be like to add a husband, some little ones, and an infinite amount of chaos to this already complicated existence!

--- 2 ---

This evening's activities held a spaghetti dinner, Brave, and Pink Spoon with MG, Meredith, & Ajay.

--- 3 ---

I was completely fascinated by the girls hair in this Pixar film.  It seriously looks like real hair in this cartoon.  Throughout the entire film all I kept thinking about was "how in the world did they do her hair like that?"

--- 4 ---

Every person I interacted with today somehow got on my nerves.  I had such a hard time letting go of my own way, my own pride, and just my own stubbornness.  All I wanted to do was SCREAM, not necessarily at someone or even about anything particular-BUT nevertheless, I wanted to YELL in a soundproof room and let out the pent-up frustration and begin anew!

--- 5 ---

Numb3rs is my new/old obsession!  I'm almost done with the 2nd season on netflix.  Confession time, I may be just a little bit in love with Charlie!  He's so cute and smart in the show.  Now, I know that it's not all true math that is being pulled out of thin air to solve the crimes-but I LOVE the drama and the little quirks of all the characters!

--- 6 ---

Companionship is so fundamental to our humanity.  Dr. King (my moral theology professor in college not the civil rights activist from the 60s) taught us that from Latin 'con' means 'with' and 'pan' means 'bread.'  So, 'companionship' means 'someone to break bread with.'  We all long for this, someone to be with.  After the movie we went to have some frozen yogurt and the conversation turned to guys, marriage, and babies--as it always does with this great crowd.  And these thoughts about companionship come to mind whenever these topics come up.  I long for someone to break bread with - someone or someones to share meals with each day for the rest of my life.  Right now I usually share meals with my desk at work or my tv at home - okay company for now, but not forever!

--- 7 ---

Eventually all of these 'quick takes' add up to having more patience!  Which, as you know if my ultimate problem ... still waiting for patience!

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