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7 Quick Takes Friday, May 24th

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- 1 - This is a great post from Jon Acuff this week about satan's favorite word...I agree!
And there’s one word I keep seeing over and over. I think it’s satan’s favorite word. What is it? “Enough.”
This is such a 'hot button' for me that each morning I wake up to this song each morning to remind me that I am enough for Him - enough for the Lord and Savior of my life, the only one that matters.

take a listen - know that you are enough ... whatever you don't think is 'enough' about you, it is!

- 2 - I was listening to The Catholic Guy tonight and it touched on a hot button issue with Mark Hart when he was on regarding Ordinary Time and the lack of GREATNESS in the Church.  Now, I know what you're saying, "Katie, what authority do you have to talk about Liturgy?"  Well, none really ... just that we need to be more excited, more focused on what we're really about, who we are, and whose we are.

I read this post yesterday and was taken aback ... an interesting quote I pulled:
This is made worse by the fact that the vast majority of AmChurch Catholics don't realize there is anything wrong. The like this form of worship, and they like it because they don't understand ritual, sign, symbol and sacred gesture–even worse they don't understand that they don't understand.
What can I do?  How can I change my perspective to conform myself to His Will, His Way, Worship to Him and not to me?

- 3 - On a completely different note ... I read this 'daily odd compliment' and today's is very applicable:

- 4 - My summer tv routine is pretty much just catching up on shows I like but missed over the course of the winter - or my regular life actually got in the way because I've actually had one this past year.  This past week I've caught up on The Office and I'm watching Don't Trust the B--- in Apt 23 right now and I don't know why, but I get sucked in!  Chloe is SO ridiculous ... and broken, really, that's all.  I feel like this is much of the issue in so much of our lives.  We are just confused about who we are, who we really are.  And then again, maybe I shouldn't be getting my life philosophies from a show that can't even use it's full name in the title because there's a rule about those words.

- 5 - Sometimes Hulu gives you an option to watch a full trailer in the beginning so you don't have to have regular commercial breaks ... for this episode they had a trailer for a new movie that I honestly have no idea what the name of it is and I cannot find it (and really don't want to search new porn topic movie because I'm really not prepared for that google search!).  It's possible that it is a real discussion regarding the issue of pornography in our culture among both men and women OR it's possible that it's a mockery of all good things.  Until I see another trailer, I've got my hopes up for the former ... eventually something good will come from Hollywood, the odds are in our favor.

- 6 - I ate great food on Thursday with great people!  The end of the pre-school year was today and we all went to lunch to celebrate.  Then tonight MG and I skipped out on the pick-up kickball game and went to Ru San's instead.  It was delicious!

- 7 - This weekend I don't have many plans - just seeing these cute kiddos

 See this movie

and go with this excellent ladies to a concert

although they look different now (5 years after this pic) it took
me awhile to find one of the three of them actually together!

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