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Some Exciting News!

Dear Family and Friends, Happy 2014!  I am excited to share with you all an endeavor I'm undertaking in March (2 weeks from today).  
It all began about 6 months ago when we had a visiting priest, Fr. Emmanuel, from the Democratic Republic of the Congo.   He is in the Diocese of Kole at St. Clare of Assisi Parish in the middle of the jungle in the DRC with 22,000 parishioners in 32 villages.  He and his two assistants say Mass in each village about every 2 or 3 months, which means that his parishioners experience the Sacraments approximately 4 times per year!  They live without electricity or running water nor any of the modern conveniences we take for granted each day.  Yet, they are filled with joy.  I've been discerning a visit to the DRC ever since I met Father Emmanuel.  It was just something that I felt like the Lord was calling me to do.  Take a risk, leap into the Love and the joy of the African people in this small part of the Congo.  I presented my idea to Father a…