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Worst Run Ever (and indulging my flare for the dramatic)

So today was the big day or running glory. I had myself all psyched up to run 20 minutes straight. 2 miles!

So I get my favorite running pants on, tie my shoes, and I'm ready to go!

Went to a new spot on the f. It is a gorgeous path to run... Was so excited to run in the shade of the forest. See...

Beautiful right?

It was hard to begin but I got going. Running by great houses along the creek. Getting a real pace, like a real runner for the first time ever. 

The I come to an underpass and I see a lake of water covering the sidewalk. I should have turned around. Oh boy how I should have. Oh I would not be in this situation right now. I could have even gone through the water. But no, I decided to go 'round it.

I thought of my favorite running place by UNCC. There aren't as many trees but its really pretty.  And by the underpass there's a thick pile of rocks.  So solid you could run right over it.  Very pleasant!

So I thought of the underpass there and said to myself, "Kathryn," that's what I call myself, "you can run across the rocks instead of through the lake that is on the sidewalk. You've got this! You're doing great...11 minutes to go."

That's when it happened, left foot in, right foot in, then like always, pick up the left foot and put it in front of the right.  I mean, I've been doing this for a while - not just most of my life, but more than 27 years ... there are only a few things I've done longer and none of them were acts of the will.  I've been walking longer than I've been talking, for pete's sake!

And all of a sudden I see my foot come out of the mud, which I thought was rocks.  That's right, people, my foot!  Not my shoe!  My foot!  The mud had swallowed up my shoe!  You don't believe me...well, see how I had to carry my shoes back to the car with me - almost an entire mile!

Now, don't go thinking I'm afraid of a little mud.  I've been muddier than this before...what, you need proof?!  Well, here it is:

I'm fine with mud - I usually like to be more prepared for it - in my 'mud day clothes' and stuff, but I can handle it.

Today was NOT, I repeat N-O-T the day to get all muddy.  Especially with my 20 minutes of straight running plan.  So I walked back to my car, typing up my story, listening to Matt Maher sing My Only Love. Now I'm going to reward my galient efforts with a glass of my favorite wine, some dinner, potentially a few pieces of chocolate, and This Is 40.  Everything else on the to-do list gets moved to tomorrow night!


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