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7 Quick Takes Friday, May 10th

For More Quick Takes, visit Conversion Diary!

- 1 - A couple of weeks ago I was in The Last Word trying to spend a groupon I purchased - $40 worth of used books is actually harder to pick out than you'd think.  But when this is what the book shelves look like, how are you ever supposed to find one that suits your fancy?

- 2 - I've seen a few quotes that have been really resonated with me...maybe you can get a little inspiration from them too!

- 3 - I'm actually writing my quick takes on Tuesday evening this week because my parents are coming to visit tomorrow and then we are headed to the BEACH!  But on that note, this will be my 5th post this week ... WHAT, unbelievable you say!  You can check them here:

Teacher appreciation Week 2013  Duo Lingo...are you teaching me the most important things?  Dear Walmart Customers  Craft: Baby Shower Gift

- 4 - I've also been keeping up on my blog reading and am all caught up with the bloglovin' feed ... so please, dear friends - write more so I can read more!  I also just got Big Mama's book Sparkly Green Earrings from the library and the free eBook that was promoted by someone earlier this week.  I'm loving it!  She is so real and funny ... I kinda want to be a little (well, a lot) like her when I grow up!

- 5 - On some bad news, I'm in the middle of a fight on facebook that has turned kind of ugly and although I put my foot out first, I don't think I'm actually the cause of the fight.  There are times when I love the digital world - like when I'm on pinterest and find a cute craft or delicious recipe, when I log into blogger and find that 30 people read my post the other day, or when I'm just not feeling great about the world and I see some amazing news.  But there are also times when I think we should just all speak in person.  Writing things gives us too much anonymity.  (I know you're thinking - pot, let me introduce you to my friend kettle, she's black.) But the mistake I made in this whole thing was that I should have called and not left it as an email based conversation - although it is great that is all written down and not just a he said / she said situation.  Hopefully it gets resolved easily and doesn't result in me contacting facebook for a formal request of removal.  That'd be awful!

- 6 - I've been running more and more lately and am really loving it.  I got this Couch to 5K app for my phone a few weeks ago and I really like running with it.  The app tells me when the warm up is done, how long I've been running - the only thing it doesn't do is calculate distance and calories (important - yes, but to accomplish this I run the Runtastic Pro app in the background and all is taken care of).  I'm done with week 3 and feeling good.  I'm a little concerned about next week (which usually begins on Wednesdays for me) because I have to run 5 minutes straight ... right now we're at 3 minutes and it's a little difficult.  So I think I'm going to take off tomorrow - that would be 3 days in a row - and run when we get to the beach on Thursday.  I can do anything with the waves rolling in around me ... or so I tell myself!

- 7 - Speaking of running (well, writing for me, and reading for you) - I have a hard time listening to music so instead I have my SiriusXM app and I listen to Lino Rulli and Fr. Rob while I run.  I don't know how they feel about their show being motivation for people running away quicker (or slower in my case), but hey - whatever works.  Especially this past week they've been discussing Fr. Rob needing to lose some weight.  Very good fitness mojo coming through the airwaves!  Except he's on this strict diet and exercises a little each day - not sure exactly -- but whatever it is, he lost 6 pounds in 1 week!  I haven't lost 6 pounds in the last year!!!  How in the heck is he making this happen?!  Something about my routine has to change ... I think I exercise well, but I eat the calories back in afterward!  Maybe I need to get on his food plan and he can start running with me!

Have a great weekend!  Hop on over to Jen's for more great quick takes this week! (hope that link works, tried to guess it since I'm writing a little early!)


  1. I got the Sparkly Green Earring free for kindle earlier this week, looking forward to reading it myself

    1. I finished it last night! Such a great memoir: I laughed out loud and shed tears in the same story. Worth the read!

  2. I think Fr. rob might have a bit more weight to lose . . . ;)

  3. I'm getting ready to start week 5 of the Couch to 5K program! I've found that as the running times increase so do the number of days I take off in between workouts! The first time I had to do the 5-minute run, I had to walk a little bit so don't feel too bad about being concerned.


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