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7 Quick Takes Friday, May 3rd

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- 1 - My life has become full and blogging has apparently taken a back seat.  Not a bad thing, except that the things that have been filling my life up include cleaning the bathroom and assuring the kitchen is looking good!  I really dislike the big cleaning jobs, I should really be better at the regular cleaning up.  I purchased a swiffer wet for this purpose, but am terrible at following up!  So, this week cleaning the apartment had to literally be put on the calendar and one major clean down: bathroom (and subsequently the bedroom was vacuumed)!

- 2 - How Cindy knows exactly what to write, I will never know.  But this week's post about Fantasy Relationships really hit home.  Last weekend I was with the teens on retreat and we were just having this conversation late Saturday night when we should have been sleeping.  They think they are in these amazing relationships with boys that have never actually asked them out - they just text when they're bored.  What kind of relationship is that?!  But seriously, who am I to talk (or write in this case)?!  We all do it ... singing this song as we walk along:

- 3 - We are going to the beach in just 7 days!  I am so excited to see the ocean, hear the waves, and sleep and read until my heart's content.  My parents are coming to visit and we are venturing to the beach for the weekend.  I cannot wait!

- 4 - I found out a couple of weeks ago that I am going to World Youth Day in Rio!  In just 81 days I'll be there enjoying the Lord, the beach, and 2 million or more of my closest Catholic friends that I haven't met yet!  The diocese needed an extra female chaperone and I sacrificially of yesterday we are officially registered, now just to get our Visas...tomorrow's project!

- 5 - Speaking of our retreat last weekend, I helped one of our core team members with his talk on Sacred Art, which was great by the way.  My contribution was singing the Regina Caeli and teaching it to the group gathered.  They did such a great job and I really learned a lot about Goudi's La Sagra Familia in Spain.  I believe it will need to be placed on my list of places to see before I die - it will be finished in 2028, so I'd better start saving my pennies!

- 6 - Our Kick Ball team was called on to be the refs for last night's game.  We've been doing really great and are actually the only team that is undefeated in the Thursday night league - unless you count the Dark Blue team that has deluded themselves into believing they won last week's game.  Next week we face off (although I won't be there, which really, is not a loss for my team, except in numbers).

- 7 - Saw this Catholic Meme this morning and got a little chuckle, so I share with you:

Thanks to a new blog I follow called Mary Is My Home Girl that is HILARIOUS!

Go check out Jen for more humorous and interesting Quick Takes this week!


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