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7 Quick Takes Friday ... October 31st

Well, today is Halloween - my absolute least favorite holiday.  It has nothing to with the devil, religious reasons, calling it 'all hallow's eve' or any like that.  It's actually because I don't like dressing up or acting like someone I'm not.  I can appreciate what Kendra has as a tradition with her children - super scary, super cool saints and Halloween costumes.  I am also excited to see all of the babies in my life dressed up in super cute costumes - Doug, a puppy, and an old man are in the works for today!

This week I had a chance to put some old pictures from CDs onto my computer and upload them up to my google photos ... check out some of these fun ones!

Mike (now Father) and I in Germany for WYD
more here
Yes, that is JPII!!!  A SAINT!
more from WYD here
There are more, but you'll have to wait a few weeks!

Brenda, over at Triple Braided Life, featured me on Tuesday as a Single Woman Making A Difference.  Pretty fun!

Nervously, I posted the link on Facebook to share ... it felt so scrazy (that's scary and crazy together) - really putting myself out there when I usually try to keep this little blog on the DL.  It went well though, there was an overwhelming positive response and I'm super grateful for them - and for you, my faithful but few readers.

Yesterday I decided to take a little trip back on the Bones wagon to the end of Season 1 when Bones found her mom.  It's so interesting to me to see Emily play Bones 9 years ago and today.  I'm always intrigued by the writing for this show.  Nothing more to say about that - except that Bones is always a great tv choice!!!

Over in our NAS Facebook Group we've been discussing Chivalry, Modesty, Sex, and Discernment over the past month.  We always marvel at all of the great articles that get posted surrounding our topics the same weeks we decide to discuss.  A few of the articles have been really great and definitely work checking out.  Matt Walsh on marriage this week, Thought Catalog's catalog of Chivalry, Relevant Magazine on the Church and Sex Teachings (not RC, btw), FOCUS on relaxing about dating, and so many more - but these are some good ones to read for all.

Also this is just fun!  Watch all the way to the end, it's not about what you think it's about!

Told ya! What a laugh!  (if you're reading in a reader, click here for the video)

As I'm writing these quick takes, I see this is what I wrote last week:
I've been trying to eat the things I have in my home rather than going out to the store to buy new stuff - which is a good economical choice except for the fact that I had to pour Soy Milk into my coffee this morning since I'm out of half-and-half.  Hmm.... I prefer half-and-half and the creaminess that it changes a cup of coffee into!!!  Oh the small sacrifices that I can hardly convince my self to do - how will I ever get to Heaven?!
I still don't have half-and-half, but have managed all week by putting soy milk in my coffee.  Not that I love this - but I think I can make it until at least Saturday - maybe longer without any other groceries, so sacrifices in the morning galore over here at Casa Katie.  Until Saturday at least... no guarantees after that!

That's all for now - hope your October was fantastic and you are looking forward to an amazing November!  Hopefully a warm November!!!  Happy Eve of All Saints!!!

For more Quick Takes, visit Conversion Diary!


  1. That's so awesome you were so close to JPII - what a neat picture! Hope you had a nice Halloween! I'm not super into Halloween either aside from all the delicious pumpkin foods that fill the grocery stores! :)

    1. Thanks! I was so excited to find those pics - a nice travel back through time!


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