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My Newest Bad Habit...

Recently, I've acquired a new bad habit.  When I see articles or blog posts that I like or even don't like, I read them.  Well, that's not the bad habit - that's actually good, potentially a tool for procrastination, but a good thing.

After the article - and sometimes instead of the article, like this afternoon - I just scroll down to the comments and read them and then get really upset!

This afternoon I was reading about 5 jobs for dads during delivery.  It was a tribute to fathers since it's Father's Day on Sunday.  At the bottom, the comment was about how many times it's not men or men who are not the father who are with the woman for delivery.  They suggested that they rewrite it for 'partners' instead.  The author stated that since it was Father's Day on Sunday, they were honoring dads.  Then a pregnant woman in a same-sex 'marriage' commented and ended with this:
For those who wish to see more gender neutral articles, may I suggest you get out there and put your thoughts into action. You can be the catalyst for change, you can create the resources you want to see, written in the manner that best appeals to you and that reflects your world. Stop looking only to others to make change happen and be live the change you want to see.
Why do we believe we can just create our own truths?  There is one - The Truth, with a capital T!

Now - regardless of political, moral, or any other opinion regarding marriage, relationships, or anything else - my issue comes with this: everyone is allowed to have an opinion as long as it coincides with the most tolerant view.  We have to be entirely inclusive of everyone and can show no favoritism toward one thing or another.  By doing this, you are then excluding an entire group of people who are not allowed to have an opinion - anyone who is on the other side of the marriage controversy (which should never have become a controversy to begin with, but that's another diatribe all together).

Anyway - back to my bad habit - I read the comments and then get all angry at how ridiculous people are and why they say the things they do.  The internet seems to be a place of anonymity, but the reality is that it is not.  Without the need for face-to-face confrontation, we don't have any hesitancy to tell people what we really think or destroy their frame of thinking.

The other day it was in a post regarding contraception - which is a controversy, it even has 'con' in the name!  And there was this woman commenting below about why the Catholic Church was in her bedroom, how she had a medical condition that needed to be treated (which is probably true, and doesn't even create a point of contention with the Church), and how she couldn't stand it when people put their Catholic Christian viewpoints onto her - and how NFP was the most ineffective method of birth control (not a true statement) and how could celibate men help her decide what she should do in her marriage.

I wanted to type a few responses:
  1. If you aren't Catholic, then why do you care what the Church says?  Even with the HHS mandate, only Church organizations are fighting to be exempt from the mandate.
  2. If you don't agree with the Church's teaching on Contraception and NFP, then why are you so dedicated to reading a Catholic blog about it and then wasting your time commenting.  (I would just throw my hands in the air and say, "Those crazy ... whoever they are ... they have no idea what they're talking about" and move along my merry way.)
  3. The Church doesn't want to specifically be in your bedroom, but she does Love you and will the Good for your life.  If there's something you're doing that is hurting your soul, creating an obstacle for your eternal salvation, then out of Love, she is going to try to teach you, try to improve your life.  There isn't a thing the Church does that is about making your life harder - it's about making it better.
  4. Get a good doctor who will try every possible thing to treat the underlying medical condition of your symptoms and then hormone replacement before subjecting your body to the Pill, which is just a band-aid for a larger issue.  Not for a moral standpoint, but for a health benefit.  If you can fix the underlying problem, then you might not need medication for the rest of your life - just for a short time.  And yes, it will be hard and painful as you get to know what is really going on, but worth it.  You should know your body - I'll say it again ladies, you should know your body, how it works, what you're going through each cycle, and learn to recognize the symptoms that are your 'normal' so you know when something is 'abnormal' and you can have it treated.  Fertility is not a disease - infertility is.
So, I keep reading the comments and getting all fired up at how illogical people can be.  Then I look in the mirror and ask if I, myself, am logical.  Do I think things through?  Am I imprudent in the things that I say?  I hope not, - I know I have my days, but I hope I can recognize them and sift through to pull out more good days than bad in a given week.  


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