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Five Favorites (June 5th)

Five Favorites, hosted at

Some Favorites for this week:

1. I found a super cute pin that lead me to this great Sugar Free Mom's blog and made these (my actual muffins that I made from a pin that were not a pinstrosity):

They are my new favorite snack.  Her recipe is in the link...I tweaked it a little substituting only honey (1 cup), Soy Silk Light instead of 1% milk, and put the 'toppings' of blueberries and walnuts right in the batter.  Delicious!

2. Speaking of favorite blogs - I love Pinstrosity!  They have crazy pics like this...

That's a real shame about that pin - I really wanted to make myself some mac'n'cheese in a mug in the microwave!

3. I also get a huge kick out of this website of common woes...Passive Aggressive Notes!

Every time I read one I think "I should have thought of that when so-and-so did such-and-such."

4. New Roommates!  I got one this week and I'm still excited!  It's been almost 5 days, so we might be in the 'honeymoon period' or whatever you call the calm time when no bad can seemingly be's going to be much better than a few previous roommate situations.  I feel like I've only had one other in the 5 years I've lived in Charlotte.

5. I have two favorites in this pic:

First - Sister Edeva - her birthday was on Tuesday.
Second - my hair cut!  Had an awesome hair day then, hopefully it can be replicated a few times this week!

Well, that's all for this week!  Check out more favorites over at Moxie Wife!  Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. Oh, I'm in so much trouble. My productivity levels are going to take a huge hit now that you've told me about Passive-Aggressive Notes! Hilarious.

    1. the first few weeks are rough as you catch up, but once you are just read the 2 or 3 posted every day, you just need to schedule 5 minutes a day for the amazingness!

  2. ohhhhhh! #3 made me seriously, truly laugh-out-loud. Now I'm in the same boat as Hallie!

  3. Those notes look hilarious! Looking forward to the time waste-age :)


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