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7 Quick Takes Friday, June 14th

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- 1 - It has been such a long week!  There was some drama on Monday - embodied in the following facebook post:

We found out there was an issue with our trip to Brazil and now we are gathering the information to assure that it happens.  It will hopefully work itself out, but I am not getting my hopes up too high. 

Then on Wednesday we started a 3 day trial at work - and by trial, I mean time of tribulation.  A decision that is better for the entire group, but will need to be worked through for the coming weeks.  There will be many consequences - almost all good.

- 2 - On a high note, this weekend is the 3rd annual SonFest at one of our local parishes.  I am so excited to see what they have going on tonight!

- 3 - I did something a little crazy on Tuesday night - after a conversation with one of our volunteers at work, I decided to just go for it and bought a ticket to Denver for the 4th of July weekend!  I cannot wait to see Elisabeth and visit and talk and get away and everything!  The last time I saw her I was living in Derry, PA - didn't have a job in North Carolina, didn't even know if I would move here, and she was in St. Marys - before moving back to Denver.  Now, 5 years later - we're going to be reunited again!!!

- 4 - What an amazing quote I just saw on the YouCat page on facebook:

The Devil is at work.  But I would like to say in a loud voice: God is stronger!  Do you believe this? That God is stronger?  Let's say it in a loud voice: God is stronger! Do you believe this?  That God is stronger? Let's say it together. God is stronger! All of us! And you know why He is stronger? Because He is the Lord, the only Lord. God is stronger! ~Pope Francis, June 12th, 2013
- 5 -  Oh, I just cannot get enough of Pope Francis ... like this picture:

I'm not sure who's throwing rosaries at the pope, but he's catching them!!!

He also told the school children that he lives in the Doma Santca Marta for his psychic health because he needs community.  He's not saying anything different than any other pope before, but the way he says it and the state of mind that I am in creates an environment where I'm really connecting with him and inspired to grow deeper in my faith because of his homilies.

Thank you Lord for this great birthday gift - remember when he was elected on my bday!

- 6 - Got together with the girls this week to celebrate MG's birthday!  Great times were had by all!  We tried a new restaurant that looked amazing and tasted as great!  We started at one restaurant, but the wait was going to 'be a while' after we had already waited an hour, so we went over to The Peculiar Rabbit and it was delicious.

We also had an excellent, pretty cute, waiter!  Thanks for a good meal Matt!

- 7 - What would some quick takes be without a comment about my man radio man Lino?!  I'm listening to a replay from Wednesday now while typing and he compared being a Catholic to being a Harley owner.  And I think I agree.  If you see a Harley owner/rider/driver, you know that they ride a bike.  There's no denying it: a different demeanor, dress, speech, food preference, etc...  Is it the same for us Catholics?  Do we dress, eat, act, speak, experience, etc... differently because we are Catholic?  I'm going with - nope! We are mostly the same as every other person in the world - there's no advantage to knowing, hiring, being a Catholic (which is actually a lie, but we don't live it - we don't live any differently than the rest of the world).  That was the theme of this article in our local paper as well, which I quoted on this blog a few weeks ago when it was on the NCRegister.

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