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7 Quick Takes - May 4th

And May begins!

--- 1 ---

PF - either the most joyful or the saddest time of the day!
Fitness: Finally a great week at the gym - cardio, weights, and abs 3 full days ... maybe finally on track to start loosing again!

--- 2 ---

The Fabulous STA Group!
Work: Last weekend we were away at our annual Diocesan Youth Conference.  Even thought we had just a few kids attend, it was a great time to connect with teens and work on relational ministry.

--- 3 ---

DYC Benediction
Prayer: Trying to connect with the Lord more, but struggling with distractions all the time.  Need some quiet time today - I am resolved to take at least 1 hour in quiet at Adoration today!

--- 4 ---

Personal: Ashelyn (the girl I drive to school in the AM) asks me the other day (after seeing my bridesmaid's dress in the car last week) if I'm on or  Goodness Gracious!  She said she always asked her mom that when she was single!

--- 5 ---

Charlotte, NC
Friends: Since Aaron (my HS Youth Minister) was here to visit last week and I had no idea where to take him, I was inspired to explore our city more.  So the ladies were brought into the mix and we're taking our first adventure tomorrow night to NoDa's Cabo Fish Taco.  I've heard amazing things - so we'll see how it goes.  Plus, it's always good for a girls night!

--- 6 ---

Dan & Kyle
Youth Ministry: Picking up Dan & Kyle at the airport tomorrow for our big concert on Sunday!  Can't even believe we've only been planning this for 10 weeks!  Last night we put out the chairs - 150 metal chairs from upstairs in the Family Life Center, 80 padded chairs from Aquinas Hall, and 50 pre-school chairs ... LOTS of chairs in front of our crazy living room scene!  Hopefully there are enough people to fill all of the seats!

--- 7 ---

Buddy the Cake BOSS!
The Dragon 

Fun TV: I've been addicted to Buddy on Cake Boss this week!  He does shout a LOT, but the woman I can't stand is Mary - she is SO rude.  She had them paint the guy section of the bakery PINK and is right now recording over his dragon letters.  The men recorded baking terms for the 26 letters (CUTE since it's a bakery and the cake is going to talk) - and she's making it into 'girlie' things...not good for the little kids who the audience actually is!  I could reach in a SCREAM at her!

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