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Wednesday at World Youth Day

Today began with Catechesis about 5 blocks from our host family's home. Bishop Moses Costa from Bangladesh was our teacher. He discussed on the topic of Thirsting for Hope; Thirsting for God to the English speaking pilgrims staying in our area of Rio. Focusing on three points he gave us much food for thought.

The state of youth in the present day especially in the areas of communication and our search for high ideals. He spoke of the joys and the sufferings, commenting specifically on the tendency for us to be in tight communication with people from around the world but unable to be united with the person right beside us. He also spoke of our looking for high ideals, but noted the discouragement that many find when the world isn't able to offer goodness. "Deep down we all have dreams of being beautiful!" The solution offered to us is to have an encounter with Christ. Not one time but every day to encounter him. Change each day to grow closer to him. 

After we were to get into small groups with 5 to 7 other people who we have never met. 

Katrina (Wisconsin), Rashada (Australia), Sarah (New Zealand), Natalie (Canada), Maria Elena (Mexico), and Scott (Indiana). We shared our favorite part of the Mass, why we came to WYD, and what our intentions for this trip are.  It is an interesting experience to share so openly with strangers; beautiful vision of the Body of Christ. 

The rest of our day was filled with joy as we travelled through the rain and sea of pilgrims around our neighborhood. 

Tonight after we returned to the Church we shared as a Diocesan group of pilgrims about our experience. 

We decided to each take on a kM as we walk on Saturday so we are taking intentions and ideas for a kilometer worth of prayer. If you have some intentions please share. We will be walking 15km there on Saturday and back on Sunday. 

Now we are sitting discussing our celebrity look alikes after eating Brazilian hotdogs and the most amazing chocolate cake. Better than the dessert from the mall earlier today!

A family opened their home and their heart and we have been swallowed up and claimed as Brazilian! They are an answer to prayer; and Juliana is even going with us tomorrow!

Off to bed to prepare to see my Francesco!


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